Separate Weddings Or Together

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Me: I got another announcement to ask

Polite Leader: What is it dear Chanbien?

Brahms: Yeah tell us

Me: Should I do separate weddings or together with all the characters?

Angela: Ooh that's a tricky one

Hannibal: We should let the followers decide

Aleera: Yes. They helped the others before for this wedding.

Verona: To the readers of Wattpad

Bendy: The followers chanbien wants to know if you want to do separate weddings for the characters

Marguerite: Or all together just like that vampire one she did

Lucas: So take your time and pick a choice

Alice: Yeah please take your time

Pyramid Head: We like to hear your opinion

Brahms, CandyMan, Mary Shaw and Jennifer Check: Bye bye

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