Vincent Sinclair Prom Special

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(A/N: To all House Of Wax Fans, you will have the coolest prom with the good Twin. This is the prom dress you are going to wear!)

You are so excited about your prom with Vincent as you got on your dress and you even styled your H/C hair with some high heels on your feet and even put on some makeup on your face. You smiled as you heard the door knocked and you went over to see your lover Vincent as he got his tuxedo on.

"Hey Vincent." You smiled

Vincent smiled and begin to hold your hand as you tell your parents that you are going to the prom as your parents smiled at you. You then went to the prom as many people smiled at you and your boyfriend. You then begin to dance as Vincent sits down and observe your dancing skills. When slow music came on, you got up and begin to extend your hand out as Vincent hold your hand and started dancing with you. While dancing, you remove a bit of his waxed mask and you kissed his lips. After the slow dance, Vincent gave you an waxed sculpture of a bird. After the prom, Vincent bring you back home and you both fall asleep on the bed together.

Me: Well how was it Vincent

Vincent: Great job!

Bo: Aww!

Lucas: We for a lot of characters left

Me: Hope everyone enjoys it

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