Ginger Fitzgerald Prom Special

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(A/N: If anyone is a fan of the movie Ginger Snaps, this is the prom for you! Just so you know this is the dress you're wearing!)

You are very excited for the prom as you got on your dress with some heels to match and you put some makeup and added a bit of jewelry to make it more pretty as your dad kissed your cheek and take a few pictures as Ginger is also involved. You smiled as you leave the house as Ginger brings you to your school as you smiled at the theme which is a forest themed prom. You begin to dance with Ginger to many songs including Dragula by Rob Zombie, Neutron Star Collision by Muse and other songs. You then anime as you hear Your Guardian Angel and you begin to dance slowly with Ginger.

"This song is what I describe you." You smiled

"Aww thank you." Ginger chuckled

Ginger smiled softly and peck your cheek as you then share some dessert which is a warm brownie with vanilla ice cream on the top. After the prom, you went back home with Ginger and begin to relax while laying on the bed together. You then begin to fall asleep after a long night.

Ginger: This is GREAT!

Me: Thanks Ginger!

Marguerite: One more which is me!

Lucas: Mama is next for her prom

CandyMan: Hope everyone enjoys this chapter!!

Me: Bye bye!

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