New Character- Angela Baker

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(A/N: If you seen the movie Sleepaway Camp then prepare fans to see Angela Peter Baker, the villainess transgender. This character is picked by my follower IevaAntne. By the way I'll let her be 15 and she is a girl but she is really a male. Enjoy this chapter!!)

How You Meet:

Your parents have sent you to a sleep away camp and left you alone to do your camp activities as you are shy as other people started to look at you until you notice a girl with long black hair and you came over.

"Hi." You smiled

"H-Hi what's your name?" The girl asked shyly

"I-I'm Y/N L/N. What is your name?" You asked asked

"I-I'm Angela Baker." Angela said

Angela begin to smile a bit as you begin to talk to her about your life and she begin to nod with understanding. She then became your cabin friend as you begin to protect her.

Meeting Her Again/Becoming Close Friend:

You are now with lunch and Angela is eating lunch by herself with other people bullying her. You begin to close your eyes and that's when you use your martial arts skills to kick and punch the bullies out of the way and catch your tray with one swift with your food still on it. The counselors are stunned at your skills as you sit down as Angela looks at you.

"W-Wow.. you did this?" Angela asked surprised

"Yeah.. I-I did. D-Did I scare you?" You asked

"N-No but that was amazing with what you did." Angela smiled

"Yeah. I forgot to tell you that I'm a F/C belt in karate." You giggled

Angela begin to smile softly at your protectiveness. You became close friends with her.

Her Feelings Towards You:

Y-Y/N is so.. amazing! I thought I was going to kill her because I thought that she would be a big bully but she's very nice and gentle towards me. I felt my heart beating so fast and I hope that she will go out with me but I'm afraid that she will know the gender I really am.

When She Asked You Out:

At camp, you are now fast asleep and you are dreaming about Angela coming over to you until you heard the door knocked which wake you up. You came over and see Angela who is looking at you and came over.

"W-Would you mind to go out with me?" Angela asked

You smiled and said yes as Angela begin to kiss your cheek as she begin to look down. You hugged her close and she begin to smile at you

First Date/Kiss:

Angela took you to a beautiful place in the woods as you begin to smile at her. She then gave you a nice plate of chicken tikka marsala and you begin to eat it. She also ate her food and she then smiled at you softly. She then look at you and begin to kiss your lips as you closed your eyes and kiss back. She then pulled away and look at you as you have a nice date with Angela.

The Nicknames She Called You:

Angela calls you honey, her boo and even her pumpkin.

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