Dolly's Wedding

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(A/N: To all Dolly Dearest fans, hope you all get ready because you will have a wedding with Dolly.. or are you. This character is picked by Emerald-Dearest and AmyDunbar2. Enjoy this chapter with a shocking twist.)

You are so excited to marry your true love Dolly as you got on a beautiful black dress with red flowers in your hand as you begin to place a beautiful veil over your head. You begin to walk down the aisle as Carrie begin to sing a bit as you started to smile as Dolly hold your hand and you smiled.

"Today we are here to see Dolly and Y/N L/N in matrimony. They love each other very much and they have been together for a long time. They will now say their vows to one another." Mary Shaw said

"Y/N I love you so much from the moment we met. Your eyes sparkle like the fires of hell as your hair glistens like the stars in the sky. I will treat you like a beloved queen and will always love you for the rest of my life." Dolly said

"Dolly, you are my protector and my little angel. You made feel better and keep me loved. I will treat you like a queen and I will always love you forever and always." You said

"T-That's beautiful." Regan said with tears down

"Do you Dolly, take Y/N to be your wife?" Mary Shaw asked

"I do." Dolly said

"Do you Y/N, take Dolly to be your wife?" Mary Shaw asked

"I.." You said

"STOP!!!!" Two voices said

You turned around to see your parents coming over with angry looks on their faces.


"Leave me be mom!" You said


That send you to tears as Annabelle begin to choke your dad as Tiffany take out the knife and slit your dad across the neck as blood spilled out as Dolly used her powers to make your mom's arms and legs to break as Pinhead use his hooks to plunge them into the arms and legs and pull them apart as the mother screams with agonizing pain. Dolly then made the hooks go into her neck which made your mom choke in her blood as Pinhead pull them apart. Your mom died as Dolly kissed you on the lips as everyone cheered.

"Let's celebrate the wedding with a party!" Bo said

Vincent is on the DJ with Bo Sinclair as you begin to dance with Dolly to many songs including Get Up by Korn featuring Skrillex, Same Love by Macklemore, and even Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides. After the party, you begin to share some cake as Dolly hugged you close. You have the best wedding with her.

Dolly: Whoa!! What a twist!

Angela: Those parents ugh!

Me: Yeah I hate them too

Creeper: we got a few more

Me: Yup the next one is the brides!

Aleera, Verona and Marishka: Yes!

Toshio: Meow! Meow meow meow!

Harry: you're right toshio we only have:

•Angela Baker
•Alice The Angel

Creeper: so out of the three, pick who you want

Alice: Bye bye readers!

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