Mary Shaw's Wedding

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(A/N: Lets get this wedding chapter started shall we? Let's start off with the demonic entity Mary Shaw!! Prepare to have the best wedding ever.. or are you? This character is picked by SiyonWhite. Please enjoy this chapter with a shocking twist!)

You are so excited to marry the love of your life Mary Shaw. You love her ever since you were just a child when you see her ventriloquist performance for the first time before she became the vengeful spirit. You already got your pink bride dress along with heels to match as you begin to take a few deep breaths. At the puppet store, the guys got on some pink and red tuxedos as the girls got on pink and red dresses with heels on their feet.

"Friends and family, we are gathered here to see Mary Shaw and the beautiful Y/N in matrimony. They love each other very much and they have been through a long time together. They will now say their vows." Dolly said

"Y/N, you are my one true heart that keeps me happy. Your smile is so beautiful and even your eyes glisten into the sun. I will treat you like a queen and will love you for the rest of my life." Mary said

"Mary Shaw, you are the glue to my puzzle that will make me better. You have entertained me when I was a child and I thought that I would never see you again. You are the coolest girl I've ever seen and I will love you as the demonic entity you are." You said

"Do you Mary Shaw, take Y/N to be your wife?" Dolly asked

"I do." Mary Shaw said

"Do you Y/N L/N, take Mary Shaw to be your husband?" Dolly said

"I.." You said

"STOP THE WEDDING!!!" Two voices said

You then turn around as Mary Shaw growls as you see your parents coming over to you.

"You cannot marry this demonic entity Mary Shaw! She will kill you!" Your mom said

"Yeah! Even we think that this freak of nature is evil! She's evil!" Your dad said

"HEY! Don't spoil the wedding assholes!" Carrie said

"Fuck you!" Lucas Baker said

"Marguerite.." Mary Shaw said

"What is it Mary?" Marguerite asked

"Make them scream!" Mary Shaw said

Marguerite grabbed your parents as you felt sad but Mary doesn't want your wedding to be ruined. Marguerite then snapped their arms as both parents screamed as Mary Shaw pulled out their tongues, silencing them.

"Now do you Y/N L/N, take Mary Shaw to be your wife?" Dolly asked

"I do." You said

"Then to all the killers, I pronounce you wife and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Dolly said

Mary Shaw kissed your lips as all the killers cheered. It's then party time as Lucas Baker is on the DJ station putting on some party music as all the killers are dancing as Mary Shaw danced with you. That's when the classic music came on as you begin to dance with her as Valek, Annabelle and even Dolly recorded you dancing with Mary Shaw.

"Aww." Jennifer Check smiled

After the wedding, you then shared a cake with Mary Shaw as you have the best wedding ever.

Mary Shaw: Whoa! That twist.

Brahms: Those bullies grrr!!!

Jennifer: But still though that's a great wedding

Me: I hope everyone enjoyed this wedding chapter

Vincent: Keep on choosing

Lucas: Cause we got a lot more weddings to do!

Jigsaw: See you!!

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