How You Met

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Brahms Heelshire:

You are now looking for a job as your parents used you for money and even for clothing as you figure out as a job as a nanny. You went over to the house which looks a mansion and notice a porcelain doll and it got a note and it reads:

"Dear Y/N,

Take care of Brahms. Here are the rules."

You begin to observe the rules and you started to do the rules in the house. You started to hum while doing them as you felt tired and exhausted. You went upstairs and slept in the room and begin to dream away.

Pyramid Head:

You are now by yourself as you are a reporter here to explore a place called Silent Hill. You begin to step inside and see that there's a few places until the alarm went off and that's when you see dogs coming towards you. Fear seeps through your body and you run as fast as you can as the dogs are chasing you. You went into the building until you hear the sound of metal scraping down until you see a man with a long sword with a bloody apron and he stopped and stared at your body. You felt extremely scared, begging the creature not to kill you as he begin to grin underneath his helmet and touch your face.

"I won't kill.. bye Y/N." The guy said

You felt shock as he already known his name and you nodded. You then leave the place in a fast pace and went back home.

Vincent Sinclair:

You are now an ice sculptor and you are now making an ice sculpture of a man with a cute mask for horror night and you begin to giggle and place it on and smile at the wonderful masterpiece you created. The boss gave you a high five and also a noogie as you laughed as your boss is a female. At night, it is horror night and you are dancing in your favorite mask which is a scary (F/C) mask with your favorite design. That's when you notice a guy who have a mask with long greasy hair and he noticed you as well.

"H-Hello.. what are you doing here?" You asked

The man begin to tilt his head and begin to write a note which reads:

"Sorry I just came by to see the event. I'm Vincent Sinclair."

You begin to tell him your name as Vincent begin to slowly smile underneath his mask. He begin to pat your head and leave as you slowly smile, hoping to see him again.


It is Halloween night and you are now at a haunted attraction and you are now at a place where it is night and that's when you notice a clown but with flames on the head carrying a big machete. You thought it was a fake clown and you begin to walk away but the clown is walking towards you.

"I will make you bleed..." The Clown said

You turned around and screamed as the clown raised the machete but you took out the pepper spray and spray it at him as the clown groans and you went to escape. You feel so scared that you have never seen an actual clown coming to kill you.


You are with your friends house and you begin to play truth or dare with them. Your friend dared you to summon a person known as CandyMan five times and you don't know who he is. They told you the story about him and you went over and begin to turn off the lights, making the bathroom into darkness. You begin to stare into the mirror and say 'CandyMan' five times. That's when he appeared right behind you and you gasped as he's about to kill you with his hook but he stopped and stare into your eyes.

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