Bendy Prom Special

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(A/N: To all the Bendy And The Ink Machine Fans, prepare to have the best prom with Bendy the dancing Demon!!! By the way, this is the prom dress you are going to wear.)

You are so excited for prom as you got on the prom dress with flats on. You placed the earrings on your ears, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and foundation. You feel so excited as Bendy came with the tuxedo and hold your hand.

"Ready to go toots?" Bendy asked

"Of course my dancing demon! Let's go." You smiled

Bendy made his happy smile as you begin to go to prom with him which is a nice black and white style theme as Bendy got on his black and white tuxedo. You then begin to dance with him to many songs including the Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide and many others. The DJ got on the microphone and begin to smile.

"Attention all prom dates, this dance is for all the ladies and gents!" The DJ said

That's when the song Bendy and The Ink Machine by The Living Tombstone came on as Bendy chuckled.

"That's my favorite song. Shall we dance?" Bendy asked

"Of course!" You smiled

You begin to dance with Bendy to the catchy tune as the other students joined along. After a while of dancing, the principal begin to announce the winners for prom king and queen.

"And the winners for prom king and queen is.. Y/N and Bendy!!!" The principal smiled

You squealed with happiness as Bendy also show his smile as you got the crown with Bendy. After a nice time at the prom, Bendy bring you back to the animation studio and kissed your lips with passion and he brought you to the room and cuddle with you for the rest of the night.

Bendy: I like it!

Lucas: That's one awesome prom

Me: Why thanks Bendy.

Marguerite: Hope everyone likes this prom chapter

Me: Bye bye followers

Jack: Keep picking which

SweetTooth: It can be more than one

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