What Gifts They Give You

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Brahms Heelshire:

Brahms gave you a beautiful necklace with your name on it as you smiled and you loved the gift he gave you.

Pyramid Head:

Pyramid Head tried to give you a gift as a meaning that he loves you. He gave you a severed leg as you begin to looked at him with a 'what the fuck' look. You nodded as you like the gift even though he tried to be the best boyfriend he can be.


SweetTooth gave you some chocolate covered strawberries as a gift as you smiled and take a bite as you love strawberries a lot and you thanked him.

Bo Sinclair:

Bo have gave you a beautiful bracelet with a car that is in your F/C color as you begin to squeal with happiness and hugged him as he hugged you back. You love the gift that Bo gave you.

Vincent Sinclair:

Vincent showed you his artwork which is yourself as a waxed model as you begin to love the work and hug him as he kiss your cheek.

Polite Leader:

Being a rich man, Polite Leader gave you a bouquet of flowers, a necklace and even a beautiful ring with your name on it. You thanked him for the three gifts.


CandyMan gave you a bouquet of flowers which are sunflowers as you smiled and thank him and put them in a beautiful vase. You loved the gift that he gave you.

Tex Sawyer:

Tex knows that you love to cook so he gave you a cookbook filled with different recipes for you to try out. You smiled and thanked him as you kiss his lips with a smile.


Dolly gave you a beautiful laptop with your name and even your favorite colors. You smiled happily and kiss her cheek as she smiled and hugged you close. You loved the gift she gave you.

Ginger Fitzgerald:

Ginger got you a beautiful stuffed animal with a heart in the middle with your name on it. You smiled and kissed her lips as she kissed back as you enjoyed the gift.

Pamela Voorhees:

Pamela gave you some earrings with a bracelet with a heart in the middle as you feel very happy and kiss her lips with passion as you loved the gift.


Annabelle gave you a bouquet of flowers in a variety of colors as you smiled at her and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

Jennifer Check:

Jennifer gave you a necklace with the first letter of your name and her name as well. You smiled and begin to hug her close as she hugs back as you enjoyed the gift.


Tiffany brings you over to your favorite store and give you a shirt which have the words 'My Favorite Girl on it'. You smiled as you kiss Tiffany on the cheek that you enjoyed that shirt.

Mary Shaw:

Mary gave you a wooden puppet with a heart in the middle as you begin to thank her as you enjoy the gift.

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