Creeper Prom Special

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(A/N: Prepare to have a Halloween themed prom with Creeper!! This is the dress you're wearing!)

Being so excited for prom, you got on your dress and added a little makeup and even fake blood to make it more spooky since the prom theme is a Halloween type. As you are about to put on your jewelry, the door knocked as you went over to see Creeper with his tuxedo on with his demonic look on his face.

"So sexy and eternally hot." Creeper said

"Thanks Creeper. Let's get going." You smiled

You came over to the prom which is located at the country club as you begin to have cocktail time. You got some yummy appetizers which is some pigs in a blanket, witches fingers, and even a homemade flatbread as Creeper got some intestines and a heart. After the cocktail time is over, you then went to the prom as the Halloween song Disturbia by Rihanna came on and you begin to dance with Creeper to this pop tune. You sway your hips as Creeper also dance for a bit and that's when the song Thriller came on and every student including you and Creeper, did the replica of the dance that Michael Jackson did in the music video.

"Alright everyone, it's time for a little horror rock dance." The DJ said

That's when the song Dragula by Rob Zombie came on and you rocked your head to the beat as you love that song as Creeper also joined in. After an amazing time at the prom, you left with Creeper as he drove the truck back to your home and he kissed your cheek as you giggled. You then went to the bedroom with him and you fall right to bed.

Creeper: So haunting and awesome!

Me: Told you I make it Halloween themed!

Lucas: Me likey!

Marguerite: Meh it's alright but still cool

Polite Leader: We got a few more characters left so keep choosing

CandyMan: Bye bye followers

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