Harry Warden Prom Special

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(A/N: For a Valentine's Day prom, prepare to have the prom with the serial killer Harry Warden! This is the dress you're wearing.)

Valentine's Day is your favorite holiday as it's also going to be the Valentine's Day prom as you got on your dress and you put on some makeup. You then also put on your heels and smile as Harry came with a tuxedo with a heart styled tie as you smile and hold his hand. Your parents take pictures of you as you left for the dance. Many students who have partners are dancing as you danced along with Harry as he hold you close to comfort.

"Happy Valentine's Day." You smiled

"Happy Valentine's Day love." Harry said underneath the gas mask

Harry twirled you around as you smiled softly and he bend you over as you giggle softly at his dance skills. He then kiss your lips as you kissed back and smile. After a nice time at the prom, he bring you back home as you smiled happily and he kissed your cheek and brig you inside the bedroom and you then switch into your pajamas and you begin to fall asleep with your lover. 

Harry: That is a beautiful prom

Pinhead: It's so romantic on this Valentine's Day

Aleera: Lurking for fresh blood

Harry: *chuckles* Aleera please

Verona: Tata readers we have a few more. Vote for another one

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