Alice's Wedding

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(A/N: Alright everyone one more wedding!! For all you Bendy And The Ink Machine Fans, prepare for a wedding with Alice the Angel.. or are you? Hehe this character is picked by Luna81023, @That-Depressed-Girl and even AngelysBayon. Hope you all enjoy and also be prepare for a shocking twist!)

You are so excited to marry Alice The Angel and you got on your dress with high heels. Alice have saved you from the boss who abused you and you begin to smile. Bendy is also happy that you are being married to Alice the angel as he got on the black and white tux and chuckled.

"So excited to see you married to Alice." Bendy said

"Thanks Bendy." You smiled

Your dad feels happy as you begin to walk down the aisle as Naoko is in human form and she started talking to him.

"Friends and family, we are gathered here to see Alice The Angel and Y/N L/N in matrimony. They both love each other for a long time and even spend some time together." Naoko said

"Alice, you are my beloved angel and I love you so much. You keep me protected and even sing with me and we both dance together. You have gave me confidence and always cheer me up. I will treat you like a queen and will love you forever and always." You said

"Oh Y/N, you are the beautiful girl that made my heart beat so fast when I see you. You are so kind and very protective and I love you for that. You have the most beautiful voice when you sing and you even brighten up my day. I will treat you like a princess and will always be together." Alice said

"Aw." Your dad said

"T-That's beautiful. No seriously Alice you are going to make me cry." Naoko said

You begin to giggle as Alice chuckled at her.

"Do you Alice The Angel, take Y/N to be your wedded wife?" Naoko asked

"I do." Alice said

"Do you Y/N, take Alice to be your wedded wife?" Naoko asked

"I.." You said

"STOP THE WEDDING!!" Your mom said

Your mom came over with an angry look in her face and your dad stopped her.

"Dear, you have to be supported to Y/N. She's getting married.." Your dad said

"TO A STUPID ANGEL?!! She needs to be straight!" Your mom said

"LET HER BE HAPPY YOU BITCH!" Pyramid Head said

"YEAH!" The guys said

Toshio meows angrily and hiss as Bendy grabbed her and begin to snap her neck as CandyMan slit her stomach open as your dad thanked the guys and telling Naomi to continue. After with the I do, Alice kissed your lips as every killer cheered. At the party, SweetTooth is on the DJ along with Samara, Jack Torrance and Michael Myers while you are dancing with Alice as Bendy and Boris recorded them dancing. Your father feels so happy and hug you close as he loves you do much and you hugged him back. You then begin to have some cake with Alice until Bendy throws it at you as Bendy laugh as you smirk and throw it as Bendy duck as it hit Boris and even Lucas.

"BAHAHAHA!!!" Sammy laughed

Boris got the cake and that's when he throws it at Alice as she smirk and throws it at Marguerite.

"Oh it's on Alice!" Marguerite grinned

"FOOD FIGHT!!" Chucky said

That's when a hilarious food fight ensued as laughs and even cake is thrown as Hannibal groaned. After the food fight, you clean up as Alice kiss your lips as you have the best wedding ever.

Alice: What an amazing wedding!!!

Me: But with a shocking twist

Marguerite: Well that's all the weddings

Me: I hope everyone have a nice day

CandyMan: Also to all the people who voted, thanks for the help

Aleera: Without you, she wouldn't have done this without your help

Verona: Goodbye followers of Wattpad

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