When They Meet Your Parents

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Brahms Heelshire:

Brahms have killed your parents since they used you for money and he wants to keep you safe and sound.

Pyramid Head:

You are now coming home as Pyramid Head hold your hand and want your day to be normal as you opened the door as your parents hugged you and they notice Pyramid Head.

"So that's your date?" Your mom asked

"Yeah mom." You smiled

"Pleasure to meet you Mister." Your dad smiled while extending his hand

Pyramid softly shake his hand as your parents showed you pictures of you when you were just a baby. Pyramid Head chuckled as you begin to blush with embarrassment. You have a nice time with your parents.


You are now with SweetTooth as your parents were shocked about him as he tried to have a conversation with them as they tell him about you being a horror fanatic as SweetTooth chuckled and tell them about killing. They told them to protect you and SweetTooth looked at you.

"Seems like they like me too much." SweetTooth said

Tex Sawyer:

Tex is now with your parents as they are chatting with him as you came with some cookies in lemon as your father is interested with Tex and told him to protect you as your mom showed you picture as a kid and you begin to blush as Tex kissed your cheek. You have a great time with your parents.


You took CandyMan to see your parents as they smiled and they begin to tell him some wonderful things about you especially when you have an A plus in English. He chuckled as your father tell him to take care of you as he smiled and chuckled. You felt happy about the parents liking your boyfriend.

Harry Warden:

Harry is now with your mom as your dad despises you of being in a relationship with your lover as your mom talked to him about you and even showed you pictures of yourself as a baby showing your baby butt, your F/C shoes and even ice cream on your face as you blushed as Harry chuckled. You have a nice time with your mom.

Polite Leader:

Polite Leader killed your parents already as he did meet them on the first purge night. He wants you to be happy instead of depressed.

Bo Sinclair:

Bo Sinclair is now driving his car as you directed him to your parents house as he got on a nice tuxedo with his short hair. The pet dog Scott is now in your lap, nuzzling into you as you pet the dog. Once you arrived, you begin to knock on the door as you heard your father.

"Go away you useless mistake!" Your dad said

"But I want to.." You said

"Go away you worthless daughter! We hate you." Your mom said

Bo felt a bit angry and he got out the car and begin to knock on the door as your dad answered.

"Excuse me Mr L/N, this is your daughter that you just kicked out of. My name is Bo Sinclair and I want a visit with you if you bring your daughter inside the house." Bo said

"Forget about Y/N! She's a slut!" Your dad said

Your father slammed the door as Scott growled and barked angrily at the door as Bo pets him and felt angry quickly. He came back in the car and took out a list and put your parents on his torture list as you begin to cry as Bo hugged you close.

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