First Date/Kiss

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Brahms Heelshire:

You decided to take Brahms out to a nice restaurant which is at the limo as Brahms carefully went inside. Brahms begin to hold your hand as the restaurant is abandoned and you sit down with him. Brahms begin to be a gentleman and help you sit down as you smile at him being so nice. You then begin to eat some spaghetti and meatballs while Brahms remove a bit of his mask and also eat his food which is spaghetti carbonara. After the date, you smiled as Brahms kiss your lips softly as you kissed back as you have the best date ever.

Sweet Tooth:

SweetTooth decided to take you out on a date to a abandoned carnival and you begin to go on many rides and even play some games as Sweet Tooth gave you a nice funnel cake with some strawberry ice cream he made. After a nice time, Sweet Tooth then remove a bit of his mask and kiss you on the lips as you kissed back with a smile that you are very happy with Sweet Tooth.

Pyramid Head:

Pyramid Head took you out on a date which is in an abandoned building at Silent Hill. He sets you down as a monster which is a nurse who's a female. You begin to have a nice sandwich as Pyramid didn't see that the nurse takes an attraction to him. The female nurse begin to touch his body which gets him mad and he take out the great knife and decapitates the nurse's head. You begin to feel sad until Pyramid Head remove his mask showing his ruby eyes and kiss your lips as you kissed back. You know that the date turned into a disaster but that kiss made it all better.

Tex Sawyer:

Tex took you to a wonderful amusement park as you begin to smile at him. Being a Texan he is, he let you play some fun games and even let you win some prizes. After the carnival, you then went to a restaurant with him as he got himself some chili with some beans that one of his brothers made as you got some chicken piccata. You smiled as Tex begin to look into your e/c eyes and begin to give you a soft kiss on your lips as you kissed back. You have a wonderful date with your boyfriend Tex.


You begin to put on your F/C dress as you are happy as CandyMan took you on a riverboat as a date for you. You smiled as he then gave you some delicious food since you know that he is immortal and you begin to eat it. Knowing that you feel happy that he lifted you out and kiss your lips underneath the sunset. You have a nice date with your true love CandyMan

Vincent Sinclair:

Vincent begin to take you to the woods for the date that he made. You begin to understand because people may bully him because of his mask or be scared of his disfigured face. You begin to sit down as he gave you a nice chicken sandwich with some lemonade. You smiled as you begin to thank him as Vincent begin to smile underneath his waxed mask. He also ate some food as he begin to slowly take off his mask, showing his disfigured face. He slowly went up to your lips and kiss it as you begin to melt into the kiss and touch his face and pull away. You have the nicest date with Vincent Sinclair.


Annabelle took you to a doll shop for her date and you begin to giggle as Annabelle made you a nice sandwich which is a peanut butter and jelly. You smiled as Annabelle begin to chuckle and also joined in the eating of the sandwich. After a nice time, she then gave you a kiss on the lips as you smiled and kiss back.

Pamela Voorhees:

Pamela Voorhees begin to take you to a date as you are blindfolded, curious to know what she is taking you. You then felt the blindfold being removed as you see a beautiful candlelit dinner with your favorite food and drink. Pamela then sit you down and begin to smile at your face. You begin to eat your food as Pamela also joined in. You smiled as she told you that she made the food just for you as you thanked her. She then gave you some dessert which is a lemon tart and you smiled and take a piece and eats it as Pamela also joined in. You then smile at her and kiss her lips as Pamela then kisses back as you are very happy with your girlfriend Pamela Voorhees.

Mary Shaw:

Mary begin to take you out to the puppet place where she have done her performances and set you down and give you a nice plate of lobster spaghetti. You smiled as you eat it as Mary Shaw begin to give you the puppet show you have seen when you were just a kid. You smiled at the performance and clapped your hand and that's when she take your plate away in the blink of an eye. She then slowly touch your face and make a little smirk.

"You got a little spaghetti on your lips." Mary chuckled

"What? Where?" You asked

"Right here.." Mary Shaw said

That's when you felt Mary crashed her lips with your own as you let out a passionate kiss as you slowly melt in. You close your eyes and continue to kiss Mary, knowing that you have the best date with her.

Ginger Fitzgerald:

Ginger begin to take you to the woods where it have a wonderful picnic as you smiled and sit down. She then gave you a nice BLT sandwich with some salad as she started eating a roasted turkey sandwich with some lettuce and tomatoes. You smiled as you continue to eat with her as she then kiss your lips as you kiss back and hold her waist. You smiled as you have the best date with Ginger.

Jennifer Check:

Jennifer took you to the place where she was sacrificed and she begin to put you down as you smiled at her. She take out a picnic basket and is filled with your favorite foods. You smiled as Jennifer gave you a warm chicken sandwich with some chocolate cake and you smiled and eat the food. Jennifer smiled and begin to kiss your lips as you kissed back with a smile. You are so happy that you dated Jennifer Check.

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