Annabelle Prom Special

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(A/N: To all Annabelle fans, this is going to be a great prom for you!!! By the way, this is the dress you're wearing. I've been trying to find a dress similar to Annabelle's and this is the closest I got. Enjoy this prom chapter.)

You are very happy that you have a prom with Annabelle as it is a horror themed type of prom and you got on the dress and fix your hair to the style you wanted along with your F/C heels. You are so happy as Annabelle came in her human form and kiss your cheek as your parents smiled and take a few pictures with you. You smiled as you went in the limo with Annabelle as she hold your hand. Once you got out, cameras flashed on you as you made poses with Annabelle. You then went inside as other people dressed up as their favorite horror characters from horror flicks and you all begin to dance to the song Thriller by Michael Jackson as Annabelle also joined in. The DJ changed the song to Turn Down For What as you smiled and dance with Annabelle to the song.

"Hahahaha!! This is fun!" Annabelle smiled

You nodded with agreement and Annabelle shared you some ice cream as you smiled softly with her. After a nice time, you went to the after prom with Annabelle which is located at a horror club and you begin to have some more fun with her. After a nice time, you went back home with her and you both begin to cuddle with her for the rest of the night.

Annabelle: Great Job!!!

Me: Why thank you!

Jennifer: This is one smooth prom.

Lucas: I like it too Annabelle.

Me: We got plenty of characters left

Tex: Pick which one you want

CandyMan, Brahms, Vincent and Bo: See you.

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