Pyramid Head Prom Special

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(A/N: To all Silent Hill fans, prepare for Pyramid Head to have the prom with you! Just so you know, this is the prom dress you are wearing!)

You are excited to have a great prom special with Pyramid Head as you got on your dress with high heels and makeup as Pyramid Head smirked at the dress as he thinks it's pretty sexy. You both then went to the prom as the principal and teacher smile at your relationship with him. You begin to go to the prom as many students including the teachers are dancing as some of the girls are twerking on the guys. You begin to sit down as Pyramid Head sit right next to you and begin to kiss your neck as you giggled.

"Babe really?" You giggled

"What? You look so sexy." Pyramid Head chuckled

That's when slow music came on and you begin to dance with him. He twirled you around and bend you over showing his face as you smiled softly. After the most romantic prom, he brings you back home and kiss your lips and have a make out session. He pulled you close as you feel happy and you continue to make out for the rest of night.

Pyramid Head: why thank you

Me: *smiles* no problem

Annabelle: Aww

Dolly: This is a beautiful prom

Me: True

Pyramid Head: *chuckles* Hope everyone enjoys this one. Goodbye my followers

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