Foxy Prom Special

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(A/N: To all FNAF Fans prepare to have a great prom with Foxy The Pirate!!! This is the prom dress you're going to wear.)

You are so excited for prom with your love Foxy as you got on your dress with F/C heels, earrings and even your makeup is on your face. Your parents have taken plenty of pictures of you as you begin to smile softly at them and you went to the prom with Foxy and begin to dance to many songs including Its Me by TryHardNinja, Humble by Kendrick Lamar, and many more.

"Argh you look beautiful lassie." Foxy said

"Thanks captain Foxy." You smiled

The students awed at your relationship with Foxy as you begin to slow dance with him. Foxy smiled and kiss your cheek as you smiled softly and begin to hold him close. After prom, you then begin to go back to the pizzeria but Foxy want to stay with you at your home as your parents agreed. He then begin to cuddle with you on the bed and fall asleep with you.

Foxy: Argh so amazing and beautiful

Marguerite: We got more characters left

Me: Yeah what do we have

Polite Leader: We Have:

•Bo Sinclair
•Tex Sawyer
•Vincent Sinclair
•Harry Warden
Tiffany Ray (Don't worry she'll be human!)
•Jennifer Check
•Pamela Voorhees
•Ginger Fitzgerald
Mary Shaw
•Angela Baker
•Marguerite Baker

CandyMan: That's a lot

Me: Alright everyone pick another character choice

Foxy: Goodbye me hearties

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