SweetTooth's Wedding

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(A/N: Who's ready for a wedding with the Twisted Metal clown SweetTooth? This character is picked by HorrorQueenOfFear. Hope you all enjoy this chapter!)

You are so happy that you are ready to marry the love of your life SweetTooth. From the time, you encountered him at the haunted attraction, he spared your life instead of taking it. You got a red and white dress in the shape of a candy corn as you also have high heels on your feet. You begin to take a deep breath and started walking down the aisle as SweetTooth isn't in his tuxedo as he shows happiness as Freddy grinned.

"Friends and family, we are gathered here to see the sexy lady Y/N and the hot killer clown SweetTooth in matrimony." Freddy said

After when SweetTooth said his vows along with you, he touched your hands as Freddy smirks.

"Do you SweetTooth take this sexy Y/N to be your wife?" Freddy smirked

"I do." SweetTooth said

"Do you Y/n, take this sexy and hot SweetTooth to be your husband?" Freddy asked

"I do and fuck you Krueger." You said

Freddy allowed SweetTooth to kiss you as he kissed your lips. At the party, Norman and Pyramid Head are on the DJ station as SweetTooth danced with you. After when you both share the cake, SweetTooth kissed your nose as you chucked. You have a nice wedding with the love of your life.

SweetTooth: AWESOME!

Me: Thanks SweetTooth

Jigsaw: It's great! Say we got a lot more characters to go.

Me: Alright. Esther who do we have left

Esther: We have:

•Harry Warden
Tiffany Ray (Don't worry she'll be human!)
•Jennifer Check
•Ginger Fitzgerald
•Angela Baker
•Marguerite Baker
Dracula's Brides Aleera, Marishka and Verona

Foxy: Argh me hearties need to vote

Verona: Goodbye followers

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