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Jason: Attention all new killers come downstairs for an announcement

*all new killers came downstairs*

Jack: Looks like we are doing the prom chapter!!

Bendy and Alice: YEAH!!!

SweetTooth: Awesome!! I wish I can kill

Pyramid Head: Ooh love prom

Me: So Carrie explain the rules

Carrie: Followers are going to pick a character just like we did on the lemon

Chucky: They have to pick a dress color for the reader to wear.

Me: We got:

•Brahms Heelshire
•Pyramid Head
•Bo Sinclair
•Tex Sawyer
•Vincent Sinclair
Polite Leader
•Harry Warden
Tiffany Ray (Don't worry she'll be human!)
•Jennifer Check
•Pamela Voorhees
•Ginger Fitzgerald
Mary Shaw
•Angela Baker
•Marguerite Baker
•Lucas Baker
Dracula's Brides Aleera, Marishka and Verona

Angela: Ooh I love prom chapters

Marguerite: Yay!!

Me: So character picking starts..

Bendy: NOW!

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