New Character- Tiffany Ray

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(A/N: To all you Chucky Fans, it's time for Tiffany Ray to have a go!! That's right I'm adding her to the story!! This character is picked out by @Cordelia_Good!! Hope everyone enjoys this one.)

How You Met:

You are at home being abused by your abusive mother as your father passed away from a horrible car accident. She blames you constantly as you then got a doll from a very kind and loving friend you've hanged out with. You're mom sent you to your room as you got bruises all over and opened the doll and softly hold it. At night, you are showering until you heard a chuckle as you then see your doll moving with her green eyes staring into yours.

"Don't worry sweet face I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to hurt that mother of yours that didn't make you happy." The doll said

You blushed a tiny bit but the pain from the bruises make you hiss a bit.

"I'm Tiffany Ray. You can call me Tiff. Don't worry I'll take good care of you." Tiffany said

You begin to let out a smile as Tiffany stayed in as a doll and you begin to pick her up and place her in the room.

Meeting Her Again/Becoming Close Friends:

You are now at the cemetery, seeing your dad as you started to cry a lot while holding a beautiful red rose as an appreciation towards him as you begin to sniff and cry some more. That's when Tiffany looked at you and softly gave you a tissue to wipe your tears.

"Hey hey don't cry. What did I say to you before?" Tiffany asked

"Y-You are going to take care of me?" You asked

"That's right. Don't worry, I will tell you how I got into this body." Tiffany said

You nodded as Tiffany wiped your tears some more and you became very close friends with her.

Her Feelings Towards You:

Y/N is a very nice girl. She's so fragile and very cute. What her mother did to her made me feel so mad that I just wanted to kill her. My mother always say "love is supposed to set you free". Maybe I can cheer her up and make her feel better then before.

When She Asked You Out:

Your mother have given you extra bruises and it leaves you with plenty of marks onto your body. She then gave you some hateful words as you begin to leave the house as Tiffany went alive and quickly follows you as you came inside the school that you are in.

"Y/N?" Tiffany asked

"Y-Yes?" You asked

"Will you go out with me?" Tiffany asked

"Y-Yes please.." You said

Tiffany begin to go over to you and hug you in a calming manner while rubbing your back softly as she doesn't want to let go of you.

First Date/Kiss:

Tiffany room you to an abandoned home and you begin to settle down as Tiffany started to make some dinner which is some penne alla vodka with some garlic bread. You then begin to smile as Tiffany got you a chocolate molten lava cake as you begin to smile and share the dessert with her. She then begin to come over and place her plastic lips with your own as you slowly kissed back with happy tears. You have the best date with Tiffany.

The Nicknames She Called You:

Tiffany calls you baby girl, sweet face, my honey and even princess.

When She Gets Jealous:

You are now doing some double Dutch jump rope as a few guys begin to smirk at your ass and even your curves as you continue to jump with your female friends. Tiffany begin to feel jealous as she got out her nail file and grabbed the guy and slice his throat open. The girls begin to scream and run as Tiffany came over to you.

"You are mine Y/N." Tiffany said

You giggled as you understand that Tiffany can be a bit jealous.

Me: Welcome Tiff

Tiffany: Aww thank you for adding me in

Annabelle and Dolly: Welcome Tiffany Ray!!

Chucky: Oh Boy her? Why did you add her

Me: Because I can Chucky.

Tiffany: He's here is he?

Me: Yeah. Your Ex Husband

CandyMan: Wow I didn't see that

Freddy: Hey Beesman, shouldn't you go and kill people

CandyMan: Freddy Krueger, shouldn't I put my hook through your head

Jack Torrance: Anyways hope you have a nice time

Jigsaw and Jason VoorheeS: Goodbye my followers

Every Horror Girl: BYE!!

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