Well, I shall introduce myself...

Name: Just call me Chris
(Its not my real name tho :v)


I'm a Girl.

6th July.

I'm French. So, sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.


◆Color: Any flashy/neon/pastel/dark color.
◆Food: All the Junk Food but mainly Pizza !
◆Animals: Narwhals (Duh) and any baby animal XD
◆Video Games: Five Nights At Freddy's, Legend of Zelda, Tomb Rider and Resident Evil
◆Creepypastas: BEN Drowned, Lost Silver , Laughing Jack and William Grossman
◆TV Show: Gravity Falls,The Amazing World of Gumball, Star vs The forces of evil and Rick and Morty.
◆Movies: Batman: The Dark Night, Lego Batman, and most horror/disney movies
◆Youtuber: Markiplier,H3H3productions, Shane Dawson,DrawingWiffWaffles and Jeffree Star

I LIKE...:

◆To eat
◆To play video games
◆Horror movies
◆Listen to music
◆To draw and write
◆Read stories on Wattpad/Quotev
◆To watch videos on Youtube
◆ Shitty puns (the shittier the better)

I HATE...:

◆Doing Chores
◆Nina The Killer
◆Being in front of lots of people
◆Peoples who complains for nothing
◆Peoples trying to be funny by being offensive, but they really are just being assholes


◆Gravity Falls

Infos About Me:

◆I am a VERY lazy person
◆I am easly stressed
◆I'm funny? I mean, my friends/family say that :T
◆I can be stubborn
◆I like to be alone
◆I spend almost all my time on Wattpad/Quotev/Youtube/Instagram
◆I have a Quotev account: Baburu
◆I am scared of most bugs ;^;
◆I LOVE Sia♥

Physical Description:

◆Height: 5'5
◆Size: I'm a big fat glob
◆Hair: Long, brown and curly
◆Eyes: Hazel
◆Clothes: Mainly oversised shirts, jeans and sneakers.

There you go
Bye bye uwu
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