Lemon Time

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Me: Attention killers!! It's lemon time!!

Chucky: With the new killers!

Pyramid Head: Aww yeah! *fist pump*

Brahms: *blushes underneath his mask* never done that..

Vincent: Me either and I have a disfigured face!

Bo: So how do we do this?

Me: Regan will explain

Regan: Attention all followers, it's your choice to pick which new horror killer to do the lemon.

Carrie: W-We have:

•Brahms Heelshire
•Pyramid Head
•Bo Sinclair
•Tex Sawyer
•Vincent Sinclair
Polite Leader
•Harry Warden
Tiffany Ray (Don't worry she'll be human!)
•Jennifer Check
•Pamela Voorhees
•Ginger Fitzgerald
Mary Shaw
•Angela Baker

Jack: After the choice is made, they have to pick the place for the alone time

Chucky: It can be a comfortable place like in the garden

Freddy: Or a place where a pervert..

Kayako: *kicks Freddy in the balls*

Pyramid Head: Continue cause Freddy's a dick!

Hannibal: Or a place where it's private and no perverts allowed like him.

Jack: Also Chanbien can make it funny if you want the ending to be funny

Regan: Like last lemon with me. *blushes*

Esther: And with me too.

Angela: S-So what your saying is that the choice for the character is that she'll write it and then it will be it?

Norman: Tbats right.. besides she will never hurt a fly

Me: So everyone start choosing

Diana: Amd you're choosing choice starts..

SweetTooth, CandyMan, Pyramid Head, Jason Voorhees, Tex and LeatherFace: NOW!

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