Mary Shaw Lemon

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(A/N: Beware you Dead Silence fans cause you will have a love making session with Mary Shaw! This character is picked by AngelysBayon and Luna81023. Just to let you know, she won't rip your tongue out.)

Mary Shaw have been dating you for a while and she loves you very much. From the time you both reunited with your childhood memories, she keeps you safe and secure as you love her dearly. You didn't tell your mom or dad about Mary Shaw as she bring you to the place where she have done her show and she let you sit down as she is doing her puppet show. You begin to smile at the performance as Mary Shaw is finish and made the power go out and she rush with her immortal speed and bring you backstage. She pinned you to the wall and crash her lips with yours as you started to have a heated make out session as her long tongue went straight down your throat as you relaxed as she close her eyes. She lick your face and then went to your neck as you moan as she found the sweet spot with ease and abuse it and leave a mark on your neck.

"All mine~~ hmm about that outfit.." Mary Shaw grinned

She went behind your dress that you got on and unzip it as it fall on the floor and grins at your body. She ripped the bra and use her long tongue to suck on your right bud as you moan loudly as she goes to the opposite and pull away and notice the stain on your F/C panties

"My dear, you are getting wet." Mary smirked

You blushed as she removed your panties and smirk at your heated core. She leans down and started licking down below as you moan out and gasp as you felt her tongue going in as you moan out more. She keeps going as you moan louder and louder as she hit the spot which make you see cloud nine. You gasped as you came as Mary swallows it down and pulls away.

"Mm so delicious my dear. I think you would like a taste~." Mary smirked

Mary kiss you as you know what you are tasting as she rubbed you fast as you moan as she pulled away and strip off her clothes, showing her body and she put her core against yours and scissor you as you moan.

"Ahh Mary~~ Mary Shaw!!" You moaned

"That's right~~ say my name." Mary Shaw smirked

She smacked your butt as you gasped and she did it again as she went in her immortal speed as you moan more.

"H-Holy FUCK!!" You gasped

She moans and made a growl as she went harder as you screamed out her name as she came as Mary growls out your name and she kissed your lips as you feel the juices staining the bed. She pulled away and she looked at you.

"What a wonderful time my dear~." Mary Shaw said

"Wow.. that's amazing." You said

"Sleep dear. You need some rest." Mary Shaw said

You close your eyes and fall into a deep sleep as Mary Shaw watched you sleep in the shadows.

Mary Shaw: So interesting and good

Me: Yup no perverts

Bo: Otherwise tongue gets ripped out

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