Dolly Lemon

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(A/N: Prepare for a Dolly Yuri lemon!! Emerald-Dearest and Luna81023 pick this character! If any fan is a fan of Dolly Dearest, prepare for Dolly and also I'm letting her be a human so I'll describe what she looks like!)

Dolly have been dating you for a few months and you love her so much. She rescued you from the cult and she protects you with her love. You are now in the basement and you are meditating as Dolly came downstairs and begin to look at you.

"Y/N.." Dolly said

You opened your eyes as you see Dolly in her human form. Her hair is long and brown a she have some red eyes with her dress and she wore some heels on her feet with her chest being a bit busty. She looks at you as you smiled and she kneel down and smile.

"You bored?" Dolly asked

"Yeah I am." You smiled

Dolly smirked and kiss your lips as you begin to kiss back as you have a make out session with her. She goes on your neck and abuse the sweet spot as you moan as she strip you down to your undergarments. She then remove the bra and grope your chest as you moan softly. She went lower and lick down below as you moan out as she licks deeper. You then release as she swallows and she then remove her clothes and begin to scissor with you as you moan.

"Ahh Dolly~~." You moaned

"Ahh you're so wet Y/N~." Dolly moaned

Dolly went even faster with the grinding as you moan even louder. Chucky came inside and heard some noise coming from the basement as he stepped inside. You were moaning more as Dolly went even faster as she moaned even louder as you bite your lip and moan more. You then cry out as you release as Dolly did the same.

"I love you.." You panted

"I love you too.." Dolly panted

Chucky grinned and he smirked at you.

"Can I join?" Chucky smirked

"Will you excuse me for a second?" Dolly asked

You nodded as Dolly got dressed, turned back into her doll form and chase Chucky out of the house while carrying her knife.

"YOU FUCKING PERVERTED FUCKING DICKBAG!!!" Dolly screamed in a demonic voice

You begin to get dressed and laughed as Chucky screamed like a girl. At night, you are in your pajamas as Dolly turn into her human form and begin to cuddle with you on the bed and you fall asleep with her.

Chucky: HEY!!

Dolly: That's wonderful

Ginger: *laughs* Chucky screams like a girl

Regan, Mary, Angela, Carrie and Esther: *laughs*

Tiffany and Annabelle: *joins in*

Chucky: Shut up!

Me: *laughs* Ok that's funny

Hannibal: Bye bye followers of Wattpad. We have two more characters left

Me: Then I will place brand new characters to the story!!

Brahms: Goodie goodie I can't wait!

Me: See you!

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