New Character- Polite Leader

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(A/N: ATTENTION ALL READERS!! If any of you are fans of the movie called The Purge, I'm adding the Polite Leader! This character is chosen by my favorite horror follower slash role player Luna81023. This is for you!)

How You Met:

On Purge night, you are on lockdown as your parents are constantly fighting all around as you are crying in your room looking at the photos of your grandparents. They have passed away due to a massive shooting and your parents blamed you for the death and hit you frequently. The power then went out and you begin to feel terrified and started to hide in the closet until you heard gunshots as you shake with fear. You bite your teeth as you begin to hold on for your dear life.

Meeting Him Again/Becoming Close Friends:

You heard the door creak open as you hear footsteps coming inside. Someone must've entered in your room. You begin to feel shaky with her teeth chattering and your body shaking until the closet door opens as you see a man with a nice suit and even short hair. He reach his hand out towards you.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm here to help you." The man said

You slowly take his hand softly as he bring you downstairs as you see his group with the corpses of your parents. You begin to feel close to the man as he tells you that he's the leader of the group and he's very polite. You begin to nod and nuzzle into him closely.

His Feelings Towards You:

Y/N is so depressed as she told me what happened. The death of her grandparents are so shocking but the way that the parents blamed her and hit her frequently makes me furious. It's a good thing my group and I went inside and kill those pigs. I will protect her no matter what.

When He Ask You Out:

You are now outside with the group wearing a mask as you begin to hold a weapon which is a machete as Polite Leader leads you to a house that the group busted in and started to slaughter the members in the house.

"I-I have feelings for you. Will you go out with me?" Polite Leader asked

You smiled and nodded yes as Polite Leader kisses your hand and leave with you.

First Date/Kiss:

At night, the group begin to barge in at a restaurant and kills multiple people which leaves the Polite Leader inside and he escort you in for dinner. The waiters and waitresses were terrified of him and you begin to smile and started eating the meal which is steak Diane with some roasted potatoes and Polite Leader also ate some chicken cordon bleu with some roasted broccoli and carrots. After the date, he then leaves with you and give you a kiss on the lips as the group watches with a few claps. You have the amazing time with Polite Leader.

Me: Welcome Polite Leader

Polite Leader: Why thank you for bringing me on this wonderful Purge night

Jason: Pleasure to meet ya.

Freddy: Yay creepy mask man


Regan, Carrie, Samara, and Jennifer Check: Yeah Fuck off Krueger

LeatherFace: I hope everyone enjoyed this chapter

Vincent: Goodbye my followers

Jack Torrance: Farewell

Hannibal and the killers: Bye!!

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