Marguerite Baker's Wedding

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(A/N: To all you Resident Evil 7 fans, be prepared to have a wedding of your life.. or are you. This character is picked by AmyDunbar2. Hope you all enjoy and prepare for the shocking twist!)

You are so excited to marry the love of your life Marguerite Baker. She rescued you from that shipwreck you have with Eveline and even give you a place to stay. Eveline is like a close friend to you and she doesn't infect you with her mold and now you got on a beautiful dress with heels on your feet. You take a look in the mirror as you felt the tarantula Pete crawling on your shoulder as a supporter.

"I'm so excited to be married to my love Marguerite. Can't you Pete?" You smiled

Pete made a nod and you giggled. Outside the forest, the guys got on forest colored tuxedos with shoes as the girls got on some forest colored dresses. You begin to walk down the aisle as Norman played the violin and CandyMan played his harp. Marguerite smiled and hold her hand as Lucas begin to speak.

"Friends and family, we are gathered here to see Y/N and my mama in matrimony. They have love each other for a very long time and they always stay together. They will now speak their vows." Lucas said

"Y/N, I love you with all my heart. When I save you from drowning, you were the only one and you made me feel so happy. I love the style of your hair and even cuddling with your body. I will always protect you and make you feel like a beautiful queen." Marguerite said

"Marguerite, you are my hero ever since you save my life from drowning. You are my sweetheart and even my lover and I will treat you like a beautiful queen as well. Besides I won't squash your bugs since I'm interested." You said

Marguerite laughed while Lucas chuckled, thinking that it's cute.

"Do you mama, take Y/N to be your wife?" Lucas asked

"I do." Marguerite smiled

"Do you Y/N, take Marguerite to be your wife?" Lucas asked

"I.." You said

"STOP THE WEDDING!!!" Two voices said

You gasped as your parents came over as Marguerite hold you in a protective manner.

"You can't marry the same gender! That's wrong!" Your mom said

"Mom I'm happy with being a lesbian! Now let me be!" You said

"Don't you talk to your mother like that! You can't marry the same gender! It's just so despicable! You're a mistake and a slut!" Your dad said


"Well lady, she may need to divorce you!" Your mom said

Marguerite felt enrage and Lucas grabbed your dad and choke him by the throat as CandyMan slice your father's throat open with his hook. Marguerite then grabbed your mother's face and throw up killers bees and poisonous spiders coming out as your mom choked from the bee and spider venom. Esther got up and bashed her head with the hammer till it turns into a bloody mess. You looked as Angela came with her knife and stabbed it throw the heart.

"That's what you get for ruining the wedding you bastards!" Esther said

"Let me ask again, do you Y/N take mama to be your wife?" Lucas asked

"I do." You smiled

Lucas allowed you to kiss as Marguerite kissed your lips with passion as you hold her close. At the party, Regan and Esther are on the DJ station and they started playing many songs. Thats when your favorite song Your Guardian Angel came on as Marguerite started dancing with you as Lucas recorded his mother's relationship with you as he felt happy that his mom chose who she wants to be with. You then shared a nice cake with her and she kissed your lips again as you kissed back with a happy smile.

Marguerite: Aww I like it!

Hannibal: That's one shocking twist

Brahms: Homophobic parents are the worst kind

Lucas: Good thing I choke the dad out

Vincent: Yeah pretty shocking! Hope you all enjoy this chapter

CandyMan: Bye bye

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