New Character- Bendy

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(A/N: To all you BATIM Fans, be prepared for bendy to be in this story and this character is given to me by snkaotgem!! Hope you enjoy this chapter!!)

How You Meet:

You are an animator from your own studio as your job is to paint pictures in black and white. While you are painting, your boss knocked you out and bring you to the room for sacrifice and tie you down. You woke up and the boss begin to laugh evilly.

"You will the perfect sacrifice for the ink demon!" The boss chuckled

You felt scared as the boss begin to read the chant.

"Sheep sheep sheep, its time for sleep
Rest your head it's time for bed
In the morning, you may wake
Or in the morning, you'll be dead." The boss chanted

You then felt black ink coming in the room as you felt scared as it passed you and kill your boss as a hand came out and choke your boss hard on the throat. You look as a few ink monsters came over and untie you up and that's when you see the ink demon which is Bendy.

"Gotcha outta here." Bendy said

You begin to nod as the ink monsters leave and Bendy also went back to the old studio. You can't believe that he saved your life.

Meeting Him Again/Becoming Close Friends:

You are now walking to the old animation studio as you came inside and explore around the place. You did remember that Bendy save your life and that's when you saw him and he stared at you.

"Y/N you here.. how did you know?" Bendy asked

"I-I want to say thank you for saving my life." You said

Bendy begin to nod and show you around and begin to talk with you more. You became close friends with him.

His Feelings Towards You:

Y/N is so beautiful and I feel so.. hurt because she was a sacrifice for that sick boss. Ooh I'm glad that I kill that devilish bastard! She doesn't deserve to be in the same situation I am in. My heart is beating fast when I thought about her.. I think I'm in love.

When He Ask You Out:

You are finish at the animation studio painting a picture of Bendy and Boris with a happy memory and you notice a hand on your shoulder as you turn around and see Bendy as he look at you.

"May we go out?" Bendy asked

You nodded yes as Bendy did his dance with his smile as his demon tail sway back and forth.

First Date/Kiss:

Bendy takes you to a nice restaurant as you got a chicken and shrimp pasta as Bendy is having some bacon soup. While you are eating, Bendy begin to touch your H/C hair and you smile and kiss your cheek. After the date, he kissed your lips as everyone aw at the moment.

The Nicknames he called You:

Bendy calls you his artist, babe or his honey

When He Cheats On You/Break Up:

Nope can't do that to Bendy!

When He Forgive You:


When He Gets Jealous:

After when you are finish painting, a perverted man came over with a Bendy mask on his face and he touched your body. You notice that the person is Sammy Lawrence and he smirked at you.

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