Tex Sawyer Lemon

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(A/N: To all you Texas Chainsaw Massacre fans prepare for the brother Tex Sawyer to go at it! This character is picked by my favorite role player who's also the horror fanatic Luna81023. Hope you all enjoy this story.)

You've been dating Tex Sawyer for a few months and he always love you and your cooking. For the first time you meet, he loves your cooking skills and even gave you some good advice when it comes to cooking your favorite meals. He even let you wear the apron that he gave you and now you got some delicious mini Lemon tarts as he brought you to the truck and put on some music. You smiled and gave him a lemon tart and he eats it.

"Mm this is some good dessert." Tex said

"You're welcome." You smiled

Tex then take out his knife and slowly remove the shirt as your bra is showing as he smirked. He then kiss your lips as you melted into the kiss and he begin to go to the sweet spot and abuse it as much as he can, marking your neck, collarbone and chest to know who you belong to and he kiss your chest as he takes the bud into his mouth as you felt more wetter than ever. He then switch to the opposite and massage with both of them.

"Edward~~." You moaned

Tex begin to slap your ass hard which made you yelp as he did it again.

"Don't you ever say my real name otherwise I'll spank you again." Tex said

You nodded as he smirked and went lower and take off your pants and put them on the back of the truck. He then slowly remove your panties and also remove his clothes. He got you a pill and you swallow it with a drink of water as he slowly slides in his 8 inch member and you felt pain. He started to whisper some sweet things into your ear as you felt the pain fading and he started to move his hips back and forth.

"You're so tight~~ I've never pound a beautiful girl like yourself." Tex groaned

"Mmh you're so big. Faster~." You moaned

Tex went even faster as you moan even louder. The truck started to shake a bit as he went even harder not to mention his brother Alfredo is peeking on the action.

"Oh the little brother is pounding his meat into his girl." Alfredo smirked

You moaned loudly with pleasure and Tex groaned as he released as you did the same as you both pant with exhaustion until Tex noticed Alfredo Sawyer. He got dressed as you blushed and cover yourself.

"PERVERT!!!" You yelled

"Don't worry my love.. I'll take care of my brother." Tex said

Tex got dressed and got out of the truck and started to beat his brother up as his brother groans with pain as Tex them growled at him.

"Don't peek on me or my love again ya hear?!" Tex growled

Alfredo nodded as he left as Tex softly drove you back home as you both got out the truck, clean up the mess, went to the bedroom and fall asleep.

Tex: Wow that's nice!

Freddy: Great another pervert but me.

Diana: Krueger you are a pervert!

Angela: Yeah shut up!

CandyMan: Say what characters we got left

Vincent: Let me see.. we got:

•Bo Sawyer
•Harry Warden
•Angela Baker
•Jennifer Check
•Ginger Fitzgerald
•Mary Shaw
•Polite Leader

Carrie: Wow

Kayako: *nods and crawls to find a victim*

Toshio: *write a note* 'Keep seeing which character will she want

Hannibal: There's no need to rush

Brahms: Bye bye followers. *waves*

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