New Character- Marguerite Baker

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(A/N: For all You resident Evil 7 fans, another character is in the mix!! This is Marguerite Baker and she's also known as the bug lady. She's sent by my follower snkaotgem. Hope you all enjoy!!)

How You Met:

You are now on the boat with Eveline as she is giggling. Even though she is 10 years old, you begin to become close friends but Eveline told you that she is a weapon and always wanted a family. You noticed a huge wave coming towards and it tackled the boat over as you begin to drown and tried to breathe and then you slowly knock out from the drowning. Moments later you slowly woke up and heard two voices.

"Come on miss breathe." A man said

"Is she ok?" The woman asked

You slowly wake up and coughed as Eveline is hold by a man and you breathe.

"Are you ok? You cold?" The lady asked

"It's c-cold." You said while shivering

The lady bring you inside and give you a nice plate of chicken noodle soup as Lucas is on his phone and Zoe Baker notice you too.

"Mama who's that?" Zoe asked

"She's a nice lady and she's cold from the incident at the boat." The lady said

Zoe nodded as the man left to bring Eveline to Lucas's room as you look at the lady.

"W-What's your name?" You asked

"Why I'm Marguerite Baker. What's yours?" Marguerite asked

"Y-Y/N L/N." You said

"Oh good. I'll let you sleep in a spare room." Marguerite said

You thanked her for the hospitality and you went to the spare room and begin to slowly fall asleep as Eveline is also asleep and hold your hand.

"She's mine.. don't tell Zoe." Eveline giggled

"Hehe I won't." You smiled

Meeting Again/Becoming Close Friends:

You woke up as Zoe noticed you and tell you to come with her. You groaned telling her that you need a few more minutes of sleep and that's when she told you no and got you out as you yawned and stretched your back. She then brings you to the bathroom as you take a look to see Marguerite.

"Something's going on with mama." Zoe said

"Zoe? Come look.. come see her gift. Look at all the pretties my little girl has given me!" Marguerite said

Marguerite hold Zoe as she showed a centipede as you gasped in pure horror. Jack came and begin to push Marguerite off as Zoe grabbed your hand and pull you to help you escape but Eveline didn't infect you with her mold. She instead circle around you and she whispered in your ear.

"Stay with Marguerite." Eveline whispered

Zoe then stopped and you notice Marguerite with the lantern in her hand and you felt scared and tell her that it's you. She then stopped and dropped the lantern and Eveline made her be in control for a bit to make you happy. She then hugged you close as you hugged back. She apologized since she tell her that she doesn't know what happened and she doesn't want you to be harmed. You became close friends with her.

Her Feelings Towards You:

Y/N is such a beautiful yet kind girl. I thought I was going insane when Eveline used her 'gift' to control me. She was the one I rescued and she is so sweet and kind. Her warm smile, her beautiful hair, and her skin color is so soft and silky like spider webs. I-I think I'm in love with her.

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