Ginger FitzGerald Lemon

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(A/N: This is for all the Ginger Snap Fans!! This is the last character and don't worry, I'm going to add a few more characters to my story! Plus this picture is the woods you are going to have your time with Ginger.)

Ginger Fitzgerald have been dating you for a few months and you love her. Ever since you are at school with you, you became the very closest friends and she did tell you that she is a lycanthrope which doesn't bother you at all. You are now at the woods as she is chasing you in her wolf form. You laughed as you hide behind the tree until she tackled you down and you begin to giggle and pet her ears as she turn human showing her teeth and she chuckles.

"Gotcha." Ginger smirked

"Yeah you got me. It's very peaceful out here. You and me and no one else." You said

"Hmm I can make this more fun.." Ginger smirked

Before you are about to say something, Ginger crashed her lips with her own as you begin to have a make out session with her. She then take off your black shirt and begin to go on your neck and search for the sweet spot.

"Mm~~." You moaned

Ginger find it and begin to bite down, drawing a little bit of blood as she licks it and she went to remove your bra and grope your chest.

"Ahh~~ Ginger." You moaned

Ginger smirks and went down to your pants and take off your panties. She started to lick your core as you moan loudly.

"Ahh mmh~." You moaned

Ginger licks deeper as you moan even louder. She keeps going and swirls her tongue deeper as you cry out as you release and Ginger swallows it down.

"Mm taste like sweet honey." Ginger said

Ginger came over to you and take off her clothes and put her core on your face as you lick it as she moans with passion. You keep going as Ginger let out a howl as you keep going and that's when she released. You swallow it down and begin to scissor you as you moan as Ginger went with her lycanthrope speed.

"Ahh Ginger!! Yes ginger!!" You moaned

Ginger growls and moans as she went faster as you moan even louder. You begin to moan more as she keeps going until you released along with her. You both begin to pant and cuddle together.

"Oh that's amazing.." You said

"It is.. now let's get dressed before.." Ginger said

"OH MY GOD!!!" The killers said

"OH MY!! Get dressed ladies!!" Annabelle said

"I'm so sorry! They dragged me here!" Brahms said while covering his eyes

"Can i join or take her?" Pyramid Head smirked

"Hmm not bad." CandyMan said

"Seriously though? The woods?!" Dolly asked

"At least you're doing that with my girlfriend." Mary Shaw said

"Hmm very hot." Jennifer said

"This looks so hot!" SweetTooth said

Angela looks confused a bit more as she begin to cover her eyes. Ginger blushed as you also did the same as she growls showing her teeth knowing that no one will ever take you. You continue to blush as she cover herself as you did the same. You then pick up your clothes, help with Ginger's and you both ran out of the woods and into your house and fall into a deep sleep.

Ginger: *blushes with a growl* THATS EMBARRASSING!! But it's funny

Jason: but no offense it's funny!

Esther: Kinda like the Regan lemon!

Chucky: *laughs* Funny!!

Pyramid Head: So Chanbien, who's the character

Me: You have to wait.

Pyramid Head, SweetTooth, and Tex: AWW COME ON!!!!

Me: Welp I hope you have a fun time.

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