Marguerite Baker Prom Special

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(A/N: This is it!! To all you resident evil 7 fans, this is the prom with Marguerite Baker! By the way, this is the dress and right here is the heels you're wearing

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(A/N: This is it!! To all you resident evil 7 fans, this is the prom with Marguerite Baker! By the way, this is the dress and right here is the heels you're wearing. Special thanks to BreLangermann for giving me the pics of the shoes and dress!)

You are so excited for the prom as you got on the dress and heels for it as you put on your makeup and got on a cute western hat as Marguerite came with her dress, high heels, a little makeup on her face and she even helped you with the jewelry. You smiled as she is in her human form and you then bring her to the prom which is located at your school. You came inside as the cameras flashed on you and Marguerite as she also posed for a little fun.

"What's the theme for this prom Y/N my sweet cheeks?" Marguerite asked

"It's western." You smiled

She then went inside as the principal is in a tux with a cowboy hat as other students also got a western theme look. That's when country music is on as the students begin to do a square dance as Marguerite also danced with you. You smiled as then rock music from the group Skillet came on with the and you begin to rock your head as Marguerite did the same.

"Love this song!" You smiled

After a while of dancing, the principal is giving a thank you speech to the seniors as Marguerite smirked and bring you out of the prom and into the girls bathroom. She then close the door and you look at her.

"Marguerite?" You asked

"Yes~?" Marguerite smirked

"What are we doing here?" You asked

"A little something called our time." Marguerite smirked

Marguerite took out a vibrating dildo and you blushed in a deep shade of red as she put her fingers up your legs and rub your panties with a smirk.

"Ooh my bad girl's getting excited for this~." Marguerite grinned

Moments later, you bite your lip as Marguerite push the toy inside your heated core as you held your moans and Marguerite kissed your neck to abuse the sweet spot and whisper in a sweet but seductive voice.

"That's it girl~ do it for me." Marguerite whispered

You bite your lip as a few girls came to the bathroom as they all gasped as you gasp as well.

"HOLY SHIT!!!" One girl gasped

"That bitch Y/N is getting fucked! I'm telling.." The second girl said

You felt sad that you got busted as Marguerite is also angered that those girls are going to make your prom ruined. Once they tell the principal, the principal got angry and kicked you out of the prom. You cried that your prom is ruined as Marguerite got really angry real quick and turned into her form when Eveline infected her and she growled angrily.


She then threw up killer bees as the bees stung on a few students as she also laughed while wasps came out of her mouth, stinging some of the teachers as some are allergic to bee venom. She looked at one teacher who is completely terrified and grabbed the teacher who is a male by the neck and begin to laugh so deranged which summons some more wasps and then shoved a poisonous centipede down the throat. The principal felt extremely terrified as Marguerite turned to him and growls angrily.

"Alright you piece of shit! I've had about enough of you! I'm going to feed you to my babies and fertilize with what was left!" Marguerite said

The principal screamed with fear as Marguerite use her strength to break the arm hard as the tarantula Pete crawl along with another pissed off tarantula as it slowly inject its sharp fang on the neck as the principal screamed with pain. Your prom is ruined but Marguerite wants you to be happy as she found an abandoned car and went inside, dragging you in the back seat.

"Oh I'm not done with you yet~." Marguerite smirked

Moments later, you are scissoring with her as Marguerite moans along with you.

"Oh Marguerite!!" You moaned

"Mmh Y/N my sweet cheeks~." Marguerite moaned

Marguerite went faster as you moaned more as she squeezed your chest and nibble on your ear. After when you released, Marguerite did the same and you panted with her.

"Mmh man that's amazing." You said while panting

"You got that right.. told you that I wasn't done." Marguerite said

Marguerite then got dressed along with you and she drove the car back over to the house and set inside. She then bring you to the bedroom and plopped you down and you smile and she came beside and nuzzle into you. You then fall asleep as she also did the same.

Marguerite: WHOA!! That's one crazy prom

Jason: Those bitches shouldn't have been wrecking the prom!

Mary Shaw: *growls* I want to rip their tongue out!

Me: Well I got one more lady to go so bye bye!

Angela: Bye bye readers!

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