Pyramid Head's Wedding

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(A/N: Who's ready for the wedding with the infamous Pyramid Head? This character is picked by Chris-Narwhal and AngelysBayon. Hope everyone enjoy this chapter!)

You are so excited to marry your true love Pyramid Head. He have always keep you safe and secure and even make you feel so much better. You now got on your dress and heels as your mom feels happy along with your dad. You begin to walk down the aisle as a Bubble Headed Nurse plays the organ and you begin to see your lover Pyramid Head as you smiled and hold his hand as Walter begin to speak.

"Today we are here to see Pyramid Head and Y/N L/N is matrimony. They have come a long way together and suffer through some good times. They will now exclaim their vows." Walter said

The guys got on some bronze or silver tuxedos as the girls got on bronze or silver dresses. After with the exchanging of vows, Walter allowed you to kiss as Pyramid Head kiss your lips with passion. At the party, you begin to dance with Pyramid Head as SweetTooth is on the DJ station. You then share some cake with him and smile as he kissed your lips. You have the best wedding ever.

Pyramid Head: Awesome!!

SweetTooth: I like it

Brahms: Me too

Jennifer: So romantic

Aleera, Verona and Marishka: *nod in agreement*

Bendy: Well keep picking another character of choice

Hannibal: And please take your time

CandyMan and Polite Leader: Tata

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