Angela Baker Prom Special

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(A/N: To anyone's a fan of SleepAway Camp, it's an LGBT prom special!! This is the dress you're wearing for the prom!)

You are so excited for prom as it is also an LGBT prom as you got on some rainbow earrings, some makeup, and a pin as Angela got on a rainbow style dress as you help her putting on some makeup and also help her style her hair.

"You look so beautiful Angela." You smiled

"Thank you." Angela smiled

Your parents begin to take a few pictures of you and Angela together as you smiled at them as you leave for the prom which is located at the LGBT club you have attended. You smiled and started dancing with Angela to Believe by Cher as the other gay men and lesbians are also dancing. The students who are also apart of the LGBT community also danced to the song as it changed to Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

"Everyone in the LGBT community raise your flags in the air!" The DJ said

Angela begin to raise her flag as you also did the same while dancing together. Other transgenders also danced along with Angela as she smiled softly as she made some new friends which you feel happy for. That's when the music Beautiful by Christina Aguilera came on and Angela looked at you.

"May I have this dance?" Angela asked while extending her hand out

You nodded and take her hand and dance softly while Angela followed the moves to the song as a female transgender who's a student at your school awed and videotaped the relationship between you and your lover Angela. After when you are finish, Angela begin to eat some food as you drink a rainbow Shirley temple as the principal smiled.

"Alright everyone today we are now announcing the prom king and queen. But before we start, give it up for your favorite celebrity who wants to give out a few words Macklemore." The principal said

You cheered along with Angela and even the others as Macklemore came onstage.

"How's everyone doing?" Macklemore said

Everyone cheered as Angela hold your hand and smile as you touch her hair.

"Today I want to give out a message to the LGBT community. Be who you want to be. No matter what sexuality you are it's your choice. Love is love and don't let haters bring you down. Be yourself and be happy about your lifestyle." Macklemore said

After when Macklemore went offstage you smile at the message and Angela also smiled.

"The winner of the prom king and queen is.. Angela Baker and Y/N L/N." The principal said

You feel happy as Angela smiled and you went onstage with Angela as you smile for the picture. You then heard the song Same Love as Angela smiled and softly kiss your lips and hold you close as you kissed back. You then have a make out session while dancing as an adult cleared his throat.

"No kissing at the prom." The adult said

Angela blushed so much as you also blushed. After an amazing prom, Angela smiled and went back home with you and you fall asleep with her.

Brahms, Esther, Regan, Hannibal, Norman, Marguerite, Lucas and Jennifer: Awww

Angela: I like it

Me: Yup for the LGBT community.

SweetTooth: So romantic

Pyramid Head: Alright everyone pick which character you want next

Angela: Tata readers!

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