Creeper Lemon

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(A/N: Prepare for a Creeper Lemon!! If you guys are a fan of Jeepers Creepers, then prepare to have your innocence taken by Creeper! Hope you all enjoy this story!)

Creeper have been dating you for a few months and he loves you very much. He always love you even though he eats humans to be immortal for the rest of his life. You are now in the kitchen making some cookies in a shape of liver as Creeper came over and notice that you are making cookies.

"Cookies?" Creeper asked

"Yeah. I added a bit of liver in yours and no liver in mine." You said

Creeper take the cookie that have the liver in it and he eats it with a growl. He then begin to come over and kiss your lips as you kissed back. He then goes on your neck and abuse the sweet spot with ease as you moan for him. He remove your clothes including your bra as he grope your chest as you feel wet and moaned more. He then remove your panties and lick you down below as you moan and hold his hair gently.

"Ahh C-Creeper~." You moaned

Creeper then pull away and remove his clothing showing his toned body and you jaw dropped at the size of his member. He's huge like about 10 inches huge and he take out a condom and place it on. He then slowly slides into you as you whimper with pain as blood drops out a bit. You lost your virginity as you nodded as he started thrusting slowly. He groaned knowing how tight you are as you begin to moan.

"Ahh mmh Creeper~." You moaned

Creeper went faster as you moan even louder as you gripped the kitchen table. He went harder as you moan even more louder than before as you moan out his name. He then release as you also did the same as he smirked and whisper in your ear.

"I'm not done with you yet~." Creeper smirked

After two more rounds, you panted with exhaustion as he cuddled with you on the bed and he kiss your lips and you fall asleep.

Creeper: Excellent job

Me: Thanks

Pyramid Head: So amazing

Me: Well have fun with the chapter!

Hannibal: Now its perfect

Brahms: I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Creeper: Bye bye followers

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