Lucas Baker Lemon

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(A/N: Who's ready for a Lucas Baker Lemon?! If anyone likes Lucas Baker, be prepared for the Lemon.)

You have been dating Lucas for a long time and you love him very much. You helped him with traps as Lucas cheers you on at your track meets. You are now with him in his bedroom as he begin to cuddle with you on the bed as you see all his trophies he have and even a puzzle piece. He begin to smile and touch your body.

"You're so pretty." Lucas said

"Hehe thanks Lucas. You're not too bad yourself." You said

Lucas begin to close his eyes and crash his lips with yours as you have a make out session with him. He goes on your neck and bite your sweet spot as you moan out his name as he shush you a bit.

"Don't want my family to hear the noises we make." Lucas whispered

Lucas then take off your clothes and remove the bra and started to grope your chest as you moan out softly for him as he squeeze both buds and twist them as you bite your lip. He then remove your pants and also take off his own clothes and got out a condom and smirk.

"Just needed that for protection." Lucas said

After he place the condom on, he started to thrust slowly as you moan as pain is replaced with full blown pleasure. You moan for him to go faster as he obeyed and you keep moaning and holding his back.

"Ahh Lucas!" You moaned

"That's right sweetie pie. Say my name like you own it." Lucas grunted

Lucas went faster as the bed squeaks and shakes as you gasped and moan loudly with pleasure as Lucas keeps going harder, hitting the G-spot like a pistol. You felt close and Lucas groans as he felt right as well.

"I'm close! Gonna release!" You earned

Lucas went faster and that's when he came inside the condom as you moan as you also release. You panted with exhaustion and cuddle Lucas close as he kiss your forehead goodnight and you both fall asleep.

Lucas: That was great.

Pyramid Head: Nice job Chanbien!

Aleera: Wow.. Lucas got some action

Marishka: He did.

Verona: Good thing his dad didn't peek

Me: Hehe imagine if he did

Jigsaw: *chuckles* That would be embarrassing

Lucas: Bye bye my followers!

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