Bo Sinclair's Wedding

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(A/N: Prepare for the wedding with the evil twin Bo Sinclair! Just so you know, he will have the same place as his brother! This character is picked by AngelysBayon. Hope you all enjoy this chapter!)

You are so excited to marry Bo Sinclair. Ever since he met you, he cheered you up and make you feel so much. He helped you with the car, give you clothes and even give you love and respect. You now got on your dress and your high heels. You then begin to walk down the aisle as Hannibal played on the piano as Norman played on the violin. Vincent smiled as he is happy for his brother being married.

"Friends and even a member of the family which is myself, we are gathered here to see Bo Sinclair and Y/N L/N in matrimony. They love each other very much and even have an excellent relationship together. They will now say their vows to one another." Vincent said

"Bo, you are my protector and helper. You have helped me with plenty of things and I love that you given me a loving car and even pampered me with gifts. You are my baby and I love you so much. I will treat you like a king and will love you for the rest of my life." You said

"Y/N, you are an angel. When I saw you homeless, I did whatever I can to protect you and make you feel better. Your smile brighten up my day, your beautiful hair glistens like the sun and even your cute eyes made me smile every time I look at you. I will treat you like a queen and will protect you from danger." Bo said

"Aww that's adorable. Do you Bo Sinclair, take Y/B to be your wife?" Vincent asked

"I do bro!" Bo said

"Do you Y/N take my brother Bo Sinclair to be your husband?" Vincent asked

"I.." You said

"STOP THE WEDDING!!!" Two voices said

You turned around as your parents marched over and your mom smacked your face hard.

"You can't marry this stupid guy! You should be having no one!" Your mom said

"Mom I'm happy with bo Sinclair." You said

"Happy? Ha! You are supposed to be out in the streets starving yourself to death! We don't deserve a daughter like you!" Your dad said

"HEY!! It's not right to speak to your own flesh and blood like that!" Bo yelled

"Who are you to say what we can't say?!" Your dad said

"We are her parents! She's a horrible lady!" Your mom said

That send you to tears and you begin to cry as Mary Shaw, Hannibal, Jennifer and SweetTooth got up and approach your parents as Mary Shaw grabbed the father with her speed and she bend his arm backwards as your dad screamed as Hannibal cut the tongue out with the knife. Jennifer then turns into her violent succubus form, showing her rows of sharp teeth and plunge it into your mom's neck as she screamed

"SHUT UP AND BLEED YOU MOTHER.." SweetTooth yelled

SweetTooth plunged the sharp machete through the torso as all the guts came out and landed on the grass. Hannibal got up and eat the organs as Dolly send your parents's souls to hell. You cried as Bo comforted you and kiss your lips softly as Vincent sighed.

"Can I restart this for your future wife?" Vincent asked

"Yes you can." Bo said

After when you said I do, Bo planted a kiss on your lips as the other female killers hugged you with comfort as they don't want your day to be ruined. At the party, you begin to dance as Bo Sinclair twirled you around and bend you over as you look at him as he continues dancing with you. You then begin to eat some cake until Jennifer throws it at your face as you let out a giggle and throw the cake at her. Tiffany laughed as Bo throws the cake at her which made Chucky laughed. That's when a hilarious food fight ensued as Hannibal groaned.

"What a waste of a good dessert." Hannibal said

After the food fight, Bo brings you back home to the hotel as you then fall asleep and be happy with him.

Bo: Whoa! What a twist

Chucky: *takes out his knife* goddamn those fucking parents

Brahms: Worst parents ever!

Jason and Pamela: I agree

Vincent: Well that's a twisted yet crazy wedding

SweetTooth: Keep on voting for which character is next

Lucas: Ta ta readers!

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