When You Meet Again/Becoming Close Friends

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Brahms Heelshire:

You are finish with your job as a nanny and you heard a knock at the door and you went over. You felt something strange is going on and you opened it to see your parents as your mom is a bit broke and your father is drinking alcohol. You begin to allow them inside while holding the porcelain Brahms and your parents felt mad.

"WHERE'S THE MONEY?!" Your mom yelled

"I-I don't have any money!" You said

That's when you see big letters in blood which reads:

"GET OUT!!!"

You gasped as your parents grabbed the Porcelain doll and smashed it as you screamed out. That's when you hear the wall moving and you felt scared as your parents came to the mirror and listened.

"Someone's.." The parents said

That's when the mirror exploded and they both fall flat on the ground and you are feeling horrified as you see grown human Brahms.

"Y/N Y/N." Brahms said

Fear seeps through your body as Brahms look at you and then the doll. He grabbed a piece from the doll and slash your mother down the throats and did the same to your father. You are about to run away as Brahms got a tight grip around your waist as you looked at him.

"Brahms. Y-You're alive?" You asked

Brahms then look at your e/c eyes and you then begin to give him his last rule. You brought him to his room and set him on the bed.

"Goodnight kiss." Brahms said

"Brahms, you're on punishment." You said

He forcefully pulled you by the wrist and you begin to kiss his forehead. He then begin to fall asleep as you also fall asleep as well.

Sweet Tooth:

You are now at home doing some research about that clown you've encountered at the haunted attraction. You then heard the sound of the ice cream truck which sounded creepy and you take a look outside and notice the same clown that came out and busted into the your parents home. You quickly hide under the bed and that's when you hear the door kicked down and that's when you felt hands onto your legs, dragging you out. You growled as the clown pinned you down and take out his machete but you kicked him in the groin as he groaned in pain.

"What the fuck is with you bitch?!" You yelled

The clown stopped as he looked at your horror mask. He begin to grin underneath his mask and touch your body.

"Such a beautiful girl. I found you." The clown grinned

"W-Who are you?" You asked

"Sweet Tooth." SweetTooth said

You nodded as SweetTooth apologized to you and you nodded and begin to became close friends with a killer clown.

Pyramid Head:

You are now coming back to Silent Hill under a foggy day and you begin to smile as you notice Pyramid Head with another creature which is a bubble headed nurse. You came over as Pyramid Head begin to groan while smiling and you came over and begin to talk with him. You then became close friends with him.


At night, you are now walking in the dark until you felt a hook on your neck as you turned around as you see CandyMan and you begin to feel scared.

"Don't be afraid Y/N, I won't kill you." CandyMan said

You nodded as CandyMan begin to talk to you about why do people summon him. You begin to nod and tell him about yourself as he chuckled. You became close friend with CandyMan

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