The Nicknames They Call You

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Brahms Heelshire- my baby girl, my love and even my nanny

Pyramid Head- my sexy girl, sweetie and even darling

SweetTooth- sweetheart, angel, my sexy girl

CandyMan- my Queen, my love and even my pumpkin

Tex Sawyer- sweetie pie, babe and my love

Vincent Sinclair- my artist, love or my princess

Polite Leader- My angel, honey and even my dove

Annabelle- my doll face, my boo and even my lovey dovey

Jennifer Check- baby girl, love and even my sexy girl

Mary Shaw- Darling, my love and even my sweetheart

Dolly- sweetie pie, gumdrop, and my dear

Ginger Fitzgerald- her angel, her wolf and even baby girl

Pamela Voorhees- my dear, babe, and even her sweetheart

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