Lucas Baker's Wedding

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(A/N: Who's ready for a wedding with Lucas Baker? To all you Resident Evil 7 fans this wedding is for you. This character is picked by PandaBlues99. Hope you all enjoy this chapter.)

You are so excited and nervous to marry your true love Lucas Baker. He met you ever since you were on the track team and always protect you from danger. You now got on your beautiful dress as your dad put the veil over your face and smile at you as you also got on heels. At the abandoned warehouse, the guys got on some red, black and blue tuxedos as the girls got on the same colored dresses. Jack Baker smiled at his son and begin to open the book.

"Friends and family, we are gathered here to see Lucas Baker and Y/N L/N in matrimony. They have come a long way together and always stay through thick and thin. They will now say their vows." Jack said

"Y/N, you are my beloved angel. I love your smile and even your pretty eyes that made me feel happy. You are my track star and you are so pretty and adorable. I will treat you like my queen and will always protect you for the rest of my life." Lucas said

"Lucas, you are my knight in shining armor. You have protected me and you are such a genius when dealing with traps. I love your smile and even your beautiful body. I will treat you like a king and will stay with you till death due us part." You said

"Y/N, do you take Lucas to be your husband?" Jack asked

"I do Mr. Baker sir." You said

"Do you, my son Lucas take Y/N to be your wife?" Jack asked

"I do." Lucas said

"Well I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride." Jack said

You kissed his lips as every killer cheered as Jack and Marguerite also clapped their hands. At the party, Jason Voorhees is on the DJ station along with Tex Sawyer and you begin to dance with Lucas to many songs. After a bit of dancing, you smile and share a piece of cake until the cake is thrown by Freddy Krueger as he laughed. Lucas grinned at throw it at Freddy as you giggled and put it on Lucas's face as he chuckled.

"Oh Y/N you gonna get it now." Lucas said

"FOOD FIGHT!!" Freddy said

You then have a hilarious food fight with Lucas and the other killers as Hannibal sighs knowing that it's a waste of a good dessert. After the hilarious food fight, you then clean up with Lucas and you both fall asleep.

Lucas: *laughs* Great one

Marguerite: Oh that wedding is so funny!!

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Kayako: *death rattled angrily at Freddy and chase him*

Toshio: *hissed*


Freddy: We'll let the readers decide

Carrie: NO!

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Freddy: Comment if you want Takeo to be in this story

Toshio: *meows angrily and chased Freddy*

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