When They Take You Shopping

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Brahms Heelshire:

Brahms felt shy since he's been in the wall for decades as you understand that he doesn't want to do a shopping day with you because of people. You decided to cuddle with him on a nice day instead of letting him do shopping.

Pyramid Head:

Pyramid Head takes you to a clothing store which is Spencer's as you begin to see plenty of clothing that have naughty words. You begin to giggle as you got a shirt that reads 'Im Sexy As Fuck' which made Pyramid Head smirk. You have a nice shopping day with him.

Bo Sinclair:

With the money you made at the hotel, Bo decided to take you to Macy's for a shopping day. He begin to buy you some brand new clothes, new shoes and even nice jewelry. You love him so much as he want to make you happy.

Vincent Sinclair:

Being an ice sculptor since you love art, Vincent takes you to a art supply store as you begin to buy some sculpting supplies for you. You begin to smile and hold Vincent as he smile underneath his waxed mask and you begin to kiss his cheek as he begin to give you some money to pay for it. You have a great shopping day with Vincent.

Tex Sawyer:

Tex brings you to a cooking store as you begin to buy some utensils and even an apron that reads 'Kiss The Cook' as Tex smirked and kiss your lips. You begin to giggle as you have a very nice shopping day with him.


CandyMan took you to a dress store so you can find a dress for the masquerade at your school. You tried on dresses as CandyMan hide in the shadows as you found a beautiful F/C dress with some designs. You buy it with your money as you leave with CandyMan as you got a nice time with him.


You went to a candy store with SweetTooth as many people are scared and ran out of the store with fear as SweetTooth kept you in a tight grip because he doesn't want anyone to take you. You buy some of your favorite candy as SweetTooth begin to get some killer stuff at a killer store. You had an ok shopping day even though he scared a bunch of people.

Polite Leader:

Polite Leader and his group begin to kill many people in the store as you begin to nod as the coast is clear for the shopping day. Polite Leader took you to weapon shop. You begin to buy another machete and you even got yourself a mask which is different from what his group wore as Polite Leader allowed it. You then buy yourself a nice set of clothes which are killer type as Polite Leader begin to smile. He then kiss your hand and you left along with him and his group.

Harry Warden:

Harry Warden begin to bring you to an abandoned mall so you can do your shopping. You begin to buy some heart shaped shirts and even some pink pants since you love Valentine's Day. You begin to smile softly as you got a nice shopping day with him.

Ginger Fitzgerald:

Ginger takes you to your favorite store Hot Topic as you begin to feel happy as you buy some band shirts, earrings in black and even some wristbands of your favorite rock groups. Ginger smiled and also joined in the shopping spree and you both then cuddle for the rest of the day after a nice shopping day.

Mary Shaw:

Mary took you to a puppet store and you begin to smile as you started to do a puppet of your very own and Mary Shaw begin to chuckle and help you create with your puppet. You begin to smile as you had a nice shopping day with Mary Shaw.

Pamela Voorhees:

Pamela took you to your favorite store Bed, Bath and Body Works as you begin to begin to buy different flavored soap and even some fresh sponges for baths. Pamela helps you pick out the soaps and even pay it. You have a wonderful shopping day with Pamela.

Jennifer Check:

Jennifer understands that you need to have bras and underwear, so she took you to Victoria Secret and you begin to find some bras as Jennifer help you to find the perfect bra size for you. She even let you buy some underwear and you thanked her as she kisses your lips softly as guys begin to whistle hotly until Jennifer let out a little grin, knowing that she will kill the boys that caught you making out. You have a great shopping day with with Jennifer.

Tiffany Ray:

Tiffany looks as you got torn clothes and bruises on your face as she wants to cheer you up by taking you to do some nighttime shopping. She brings you to a makeup store and she buys you some eyeliner, foundation, eyeshadow, blush and even lipstick. For clothing, she takes you to a gothic store as you smile at her and begin to buy some clothes as some of the female cashiers noticed that you are bruised and asked you what's wrong as Tiffany stays still like a doll should. You begin to tell that you have fall down on the stairs because if you tell the abuse, they wouldn't believe you. You leave the place as you have a wonderful time with Tiffany.


Annabelle took you to JCPennys to buy you some jewelry as you begin to feel happy and got some beautiful necklaces and earrings in your favorite color and designs. You smiled as she then gave you a beautiful ring with your name on it as you have a wonderful shopping day with Annabelle.


You understand that Dolly loves satanic stuff as you begin to giggle as she take you to a goth store as you begin to buy some earrings in the shape of a pentagon, black clothing that have some rock groups and even some makeup. Dolly begin to chuckle as you begin to pay for those as you have a nice shopping experience with Dolly.

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