Brahms Heelshire Prom Special

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(A/N: To all The Boy fans, prepare for the prom you all love!!! By the way, this is the prom dress you are wearing!)

You are so excited for prom as you got on your prom dress with your heels and makeup which is foundation, blush and eyeshadow. Brahms got on his tuxedo and he took you to the limo. You hold his hand softly as the prom takes place in school and you came inside as Brahms stayed with you as many students aww at the relationship. At cocktail time you have some chicken taquitoes and Brahms got some water with some kale chips. After cocktail time, you went to the prom as you begin to smile as Brahms sit down shyly as you look at him.

"What's wrong?" You asked

"I'm not good with anything." Brahms said

When slow music came on, you got up as Brahms looks at you as you hold his hand and begin to slow dance as Brahms look at your feet and move softly as you hold his hand.

"Just listen to the music and forget the past. You're with me." You said softly

Brahms nodded and continue to dance with you as the principal smiled at the relationship. After a while of dancing, Brahms kissed your lips softly as you kissed back. After the prom, you both went back to the Heelshire mansion as Brahms begin to sigh with relief as he's back inside. You begin to cuddle with Brahms and you both then fall right asleep on the bed.

Angela, Michael, SweetTooth, Carrie, Regan, Samara and Esther: Aww

Hannibal: How cute

Vincent: Its so adorable and romantic

Brahms: Thanks..

Me: Pick which character you want me to do next

Brahms: Bye bye followers of Wattpad

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