Pamela Voorhees Prom Special

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(A/N: To all Friday The Thirteenth fans, prepare for the mother of Jason to have a nice prom with you! This is the prom dress you are wearing!)

You are so excited for prom as you got on your dress and put on some makeup with some flats on your feet as Pamela also got on her dress. You smiled as your mom take a few pictures of you and you then leave with her to the prom which is an ocean themed type. You smiled and begin to dance with her to many songs as you smiled softly as many students aw at the relationship between you and Pamela. You smiled as you hear slow music and decided to dance with her.

"This is an amazing prom night dear." You smiled

After when you are finish dancing, Pamela begin to bring you back to Camp Crystal Lake as you started to watch the stars with her as you also see a shooting star. Pamela closed her eyes as you did to just because you want to make a wish and she then kiss your cheek. You smiled as you have a nice prom with her.

Pamela: Excellent Job there

Me: Why thanks Pamela

Lucas: Aww

Marguerite: How sweet.

Pamela: Goodbye readers cause we got a few more characters left

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