Mary Shaw Prom Special

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(A/N: To all the Dead Silence fans, this prom will be with the demonic entity Mary Shaw!! This is the prom dress you're wearing!)

You are so excited for the prom that you are going as you got on your dress and even some makeup and jewelry as Mary Shaw chuckled at your outfit. You even got on a mask because the theme is going to be a masquerade as Mary also got on her mask and begin to leave with you to the prom. You came over as cameras begin to take pictures of you and Mary Shaw pose together. As you came inside, you started dancing to the pop songs like Cha Chas Slide,  Happy by Pharrell Williams and even many other songs.

"Well this prom is getting excellent! Alright everyone find a partner cause it's time for the masquerade dance." The DJ said

Mary Shaw float over to you and hold your hands as you started hearing classical music as you started dancing with her as she twirls you around. She then bend you over as you smiled and kiss her lips as you kissed back. After a nice time at the prom, she brings you backstage of her stage and she then begin to make love with you. From eating you out to scissoring you, you were a moaning mess for her as she loves those moans you made. After the love making, she then fall asleep with you as you did the same.

Mary Shaw: Excellent prom.

Me: Thanks. Sorry that I forgot to add ya

Mary: Forgiven my dear

Me: Well that's all the prom chapters

Mary: Until next time

Brahms: Bye bye readers!

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