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Get up my stepdad yelled as he busted in my room

What I groaned

Get up and cook he said

I rolled my eyes as I got out of bed and took a shower I was getting dressed when he stormed in my room again pulling me by my hair

Let go I cried

Shut up bitch he said punching me in my mouth

He finally let me go and I made his food and spit in his eggs and orange juice.

I went back upstairs and changed my clothes and flat ironed my hair .

I wish my momma was still here maybe everything would change and we can be a happy family like we use to


I finished counting the money they made then i put it in a duffle bag and lit a blunt sitting back

Aye boss you got a minute one of my workers asked

Come on I said

He walked in sitting across from me

Wassup he said

I found some information on that nigga Rico he said

Aight tell rose to email it to me I said

Okay he nodded as he got up and left

I put the duffle bag in the safe and walked out once I got outside I got in my car and drove to the store

I got some snacks and a blunt for later then I stayed outside with some of my boys who work for me

It was getting late I was about to get in my car when I seen this short girl running down the street crying

Aye ma you good I asked

She looked at me as her body fell on the ground

I jogged over to her and she had bruises everywhere

And her clothes was ripped

I picked her up and laid her in the back seat

I got in and drove to my house getting in


I helped the girl in the bed and she started crying in her sleep as she kicked in turn

Its okay I said moving her hair out her face

She finally calmed down I went to my room and went to sleep


My dad got drunk and beat me  I couldn't take it anymore so I ran away I stopped at a liquor store and the last thing I remember is being but in the back off a car.

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