California Kisses *5

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Hey guys hope you like this chapter.

I know you probably want them to just get together already...

Well, whoever you decide to team lol...

But there's a reason I want to drag it out.

It will be worth it. Promise :D



The sun was unbearably scorching hot. My feet felt lazy, and my legs kept trying to give up. Wow I really needed to workout more. It really didn't help that the journey to school seemed to be uphill.

There was only one thing that kept me motivated to keep on walking. Death.

I am going to kill Josh. I am going to kill Josh. I am going to kill Josh. I am going to kill Josh... I said, trying to keep my feet in rhythm of the chants. Oh how I miss the air conditioning in my baby... JOSH MUST DIE... JOSH MUST DIE...

I continued moving one foot in front of the other whilst flame of fury was emitting from my body.

I highly regretted wearing this hoodie. The sun's rays were piecing through the thick fabric, and making me sweat like Niagra falls. I had been walking for what seemed like for ever, when in fact it was only 30 minutes.

I stopped walking and started to take my hoodie off. I was grateful that I decided to wear a thin black tank top underneath. I instantly regretted that action when a horn started beeping, and I turned to see three good looking guys whistling from the inside of a car. It was then I realised that my tank top had come up, along with the hoodie, giving the guys an eyeful of a very well developed chest under my red lacy bra.

"Hey hot stuff, why don't you come here and cool off in my car!" a cute guy with grey eyes and scarlet hair that fell around his face in wisps called from behind the wheel.

"Yeah baby, I'll let you sit on my lap" another guy added from the passenger seat, whilst another guy from the backseat sniggered.

I tried to compose my blushing, these guys were really hot! But hot or not, there was no way I was going to let them win me over that easily, so I straightened myself up and gave them a sexy, but sinister smile.

"I can't baby, I late to seeing my girlfriend. She hates it when I get all hot and sweaty without her. We like to save that stuff for the bedroom" I added with a wink.

I had the satisfaction of watching three jaws drop simultaneously, and their eyes bulge out of their heads before disappointment masked their faces. Boys! I was about to turn away when I caught the eyes of the third boy in the backseat again. He was very good looking. He had jet black hair which was perfectly styled, and captivating warm brown eyes. he was looking at me in confusion, as if he was trying to place me somewhere. Those warm brown eyes bored into mine. Warm brown eyes... Wait, warm brown eyes... where have I seen those warm brown eyes before? He looked so familiar, yet I couldn't-


It couldn't be!



[A/N: Who do you think Lee is?

Find out in the next chapter :)

Haha. Just kidding :P


"SKYLA?" Lee exclaimed in astonishment.

"Yes it's me!" I yelled in happiness. It was Lee! It was Lee! My boy was here!

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