California Kisses *12

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Omfg! I am so pissed off!

I did like 16 pages on word document for this chapter and it was almost finished but when I plugged my USB in, the end was somehow broken. I don't know how the hell that happened, but now I can't access anything. Anything I've previously written is now lost, even all my school work.

I'm seriously gutted and I know I said I would upload by Friday, so i will keep my promise to you, but i really didn't feel like recreating those 16 pages. I was just too annoyed. I swear my sister has been messing with it or something. Seriously, how can the end just FALL off? anyway, she's dead when she gets home.

Anyways... Big shout out for whocares3 who was the first to comment on my last chapter :D


Ever since I was a little girl, I had always had a good life. I had a loving family, parents that supported me in every way, friends that loved me no matter what I did, and a little sister that worshiped me. My life was set out on a dinner plate. An expensive, gold dinner plate. The type that even before you lift the lid, you know it is going to reveal something totally mouth watering and perfect. Well that was my life for you. Perfect. I never did anything wrong and I didn't harm anyone...

So what the hell did I do to deserve this?!

The van journey was definitely one of the worst experiences of my life. Before you say it, no I am NOT exaggerating! It was totally excruciating. I felt as if my life was coming to a painful end. I wouldn't have complained, at least it would have gotten me away from that PIG! But I'd just rather his smirking face not be the last person's I saw before I left this world, which will defiantly be sometime soon the way he's making me feel lately. My face ended up looking like I had sucked a sour lemon by the time the van finally stopped thanks to my constant grimacing.

After falling asleep for what seemed like half an hour, I was rudely, and I mean rudely (Literally) awoken by SOMEONE'S iPhone blasting their crude and explicit tunes right down my ear hole. I ignored it at first, hoping that somehow I could slip into a blissful Joshless dream away from this horrible real world, but that dream was shattered as soon as a new song played about someone wanting to bang someone and then banging their mothers too. Dear god didn't that boy listen to ANYTHING that wasn't about sex?!

I ended up screaming the van down and throwing his iPhone across the room. Unfortunately it didn't break, and it only increased Josh's amusement.

I tried to go back to sleep, but Josh just wasn't having it. His excuse was that he was trying to savour these moments. Okay what the hell was that supposed to mean? Either way I didn't care.

After a while of silence and staring into silence, I had to sit through a painful game of 20 questions with Josh. At first I refused. Come on, I wasn't born yesterday! I knew Joshua Dawnson, and I also knew that his "Questions" weren't going to be very pleasant. Neither would his answers. However, my rejection was short lived because he used the dreaded threat of kissing me again. At first I thought he was bluffing, but as soon as he started leaning in more and more, I nearly shit myself. Yeah there was no way he was bluffing. And there was no way I was ever going to kiss his rotten diseased mouth if the world ended and we were the last people on earth. I wouldn't go near that thing with a 10 foot bargepole! So I decided to play his stupid game. Not for his benefit, but to save my sacred self from being damned to hell for ripping of his big fat eat off and feeding it to the pigs!

Of course he asked me every possible perverted question going, which I unfortunately had to answer. I tried to be as blunt as possible, but some of his questions were just damn right disgusting. Trust me, I've heard some things in my life but nothing compared to these, so don't worry I'll spare you the details!

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