California Kisses *15

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Hey Hey :)

So firstly I want to say sorry about not uploading sooner. I had like tonnes of homework and stuff and I just haven't been getting any sleep lately because of it. 

My boyfriend thinks I have a problem with this and I should get a life and stop using wattpad and spend more time with him... but you know what? 

Screw him haha :) 

I love writing and you know what? As soon as he gives up sports, I'll give up writing thank you very much. Wattpad is my new manbitch :D 


Secondly, this chapter is... well lets just say different. I wrote it so you would get to under stand some of the other characters a bit better, well, mainly one, but don't worry, there are still Skyla and Josh moments lol ;)

Anyhoo I will shut the hell up now and give you what you want. Don't forget to comment and vote at the end! It is just one click away, and that one click could earn you your next chapter, which TRUST ME! at the end of this you will want...

Btw, the video i used for this relates to this chapter sort of... well a little bit anyway, only from the guys POV not the girls, so imagine the song being sung by a guy about a girl... 

and it's the chipmunk version because... well it just sounds alot cuter for this chapter :)


Skyla's POV-

"You. are. Dead!" I screeched as soon as I resurfaced the water.

Omg this water was so cold! Seriously how could it be so cold? You would think because of the heat it would at least be mild in temperature.

I death glared at Josh's figure which was happily rolling around on the floor in hysterics. Matt was standing there biting his lip as he tried not to laugh and Chase was laughing so hard that if he wasn't leaning on Matt for support, he would have been on that floor along side his bastard brother. I expected this behaviour from Josh, but CHASE? And MATT?!

"TRAITORS!" I yelled and splashed as much water as I could towards the three idiots before stomping (yeah it's pretty hard to run in water) off to Alice, Lee and Ty who were watching from the other side of the lake.

"Aww cupcake don't be like that! I was only having a little fun, I thought you liked it when I made you wet!" I heard Josh roar with laughter from behind me. I growled a guttural groan. Trust HIM to say something like that. As if I wasn't mad enough at him already. Does he get a kick out of all this? Jeez of course he does. There was no way I was going to give him the satisfaction of turning round, or making a come back at him like I usually do (I figured if a fight is what he wants, I'm so not giving it him! I'm not giving him anything he wants!) So instead I just picked up my pace towards the others.

"Uh Oh" Alice said sympathetically as she snuggled into Ty's chest and then giggled.

"Not you too!" I moaned and rolled my eyes.

"I'm sorry it was just really funny!" Alice continued to laugh.

"What's wrong?" Lee asked smiling.

"What's wrong?! Are you kidding me?! THAT'S what's wrong!" I barked indicating to a still laughing jerk of a Josh and his new best buds consisting of his once thought nice brother, and my nice boyfriend!

Once Josh saw me glaring at him, he stopped laughing, only to shoot a wink in my direction.

Ugh! I HATE him! I so badly want to scratch that smirk off his face!

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