California Kisses *25

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Well, yeah the reason they are so eclectic and different is because Skyla is a very difficult person whose feelings act as a bipolar nature haha xD  

The lyrics to the songs don't really have meanings to Skyla exactly, but it's more like they are trying to state how she REALLY feels. But of course she is stubborn and blind so the songs are left to try their best to force it upon her to once again open her eyes and see whats in front of her.

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Skyla's POV-

"So... I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Mhm" I breathed into Matt's embrace, too content to speak.

We had arrived home around half hour ago but we had just been cuddling in the street ever since. It felt right to be in Matt's arms after so long of not seeing him. I missed my boyfriend. I missed my best friend. I missed Matt. Right now, I was too happy to care about anything else other than Matt. I was his and that's all that mattered.

"Skyla" Matt whispered after a few minutes of comfortable silence, his grip on my waist tightening pulling me even closer to him.

"Hmmm?" I responded.

You know when you have those content moods where you are so happy and relaxed that you simply cannot be bothered to speak other than make humming noises? Well yeah I was in one of those moods right now. With my head resting on Matt's chest and his warm arms wrapped around me under the streetlight, I'd be more than happy to fall asleep right now.

"I love you" he whispered so softly into my hair that it was almost impossible to hear.

"Mmmm" I smiled squeezing him as close to me as possible before I leaned up and captured his lips with my own.

And there I was, kissing under the stars at midnight with the boy who loved me.

Yep. Right now I couldn't care about anything else in the world other than Matt.


I was completely absorbed into my world full of bliss that I had actually forgotten about my fight with Josh earlier, so it made me feel a little guilty when I walked into the house to find him making up a bed out of spare sheets and stuff on the couch.

I'm not going to deny it, what he said about me earlier hurt a lot, but for some weird reason I was no longer mad at him anymore.

Maybe it was because of my wonderful night with Matt?

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