California Kisses *18

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Hiii again my wonderfull Wattpadians :)

So, I was reading some of your comments, and I know you all have these wonderful ideas and concerns and what not, but as much as I would like to reply to some of them... I really can't! I want too because all of you that vote and comment and stuff are all amazing... but if I want to stick to the plot of this story I can't give too much away. Some of what you lot have said is just down right hilarious... but I'm not laughing AT it, I'm laughing WITH it. I think I'm going to use SOME ideas to my advantage, but maybe not in the exact way that you have stated it. Some of it will be predictable, but some will just really surprising, and you will never have saw that coming... Maybe ;)

Anyway here's the next chapter. Also at the end of this, I would appreciate it if you could all comment on what team you are:




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Seriously I don't mind, you could mention any guy you like because I have already written my last chapter, and now I need fillers for the time being. Also, you never know, some of your ideas could have a big impact on the ending.



He let out a small chuckle, causing our bodies to rumble together in synchronization.

"And I love you too" he breathed and kissed the tip of my nose with the lightest of pressures.

At first I was stunned. Josh Dawson just kissed me!

I opened my eyes to find his closed. A smile was playing at the edge of his lips.

I couldn't help but fall asleep with that same smile on my face.


"Skylaaaaaaaaa Wyllaaaaaaaaa!!!! I'ma come and findd yaaaaa!!!" A voice sang from behind me.

"Never!" I laughed back whilst I ran through the forest.

The wind caressed my face as I flew through the trees, my dress carelessly trailing behind me as I ran.

I had to get away from him; he had beaten me so many times already.

"I can hear you. Give up already, surrender to me!" He yelled, his voice getting nearer by the second.

I was about to crash through the trees into the new clearing and out of his reach when two strong arms found my waist and drew me back with such force, that it sent us both tumbling down on the grass, our bodies intertwined with each others.

"Ugh, Get off... I ... can't... BREATHE!" I screamed, trying to sound angry but failing as the giggles took over.

He pressed his body further into mine and his hands pinned my arms above my head trapping me completely with no route of escape.

"Matt get off!" I laughed as his lips brushed my neck, sending chills throughout my body.

He lifted his face back up to mine; a smile lighting up his beautiful features. His brown hair was tousled and windswept from the running. He looked stunning.

"Gotcha!" he winked before crashing his lips onto mine.

His moist lips shaped around mine as he kissed me hungrily and passionately. My hands tangled themselves into his hair as his cupped my face. His tongue forced its way into my mouth, deepening the kiss. I kissed him back with all I had. Our tongues duelled for dominance in each others mouths as we tasted one another and tried to savour the moment. This was nothing like I had ever experienced before.

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