California Kisses *14

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Skyla's POV-

"No way... Bill could SO kick Edward's ass any day!" Chase exclaimed.

It had been like this for the past ten minutes now. We had talked about a lot of things. He wanted to know all my likes and dislikes and my favorite fictional character. Obviously I had to say Edward (yup, guilty pleasure) but surprise surprise, he picks Bill Compton from true blood, which had led on to our more present conversation on who would kick who's ass.

The whole time we had been talking, he hadn't once removed his arm from around my shoulder. I'm not going to lie when I say I didn't feel anything. Trust me, I was doing all I could to NOT do anything, but it felt comfortable there. The way he was joking and holding me, he felt like a long lost friend or something. Even though we had nothing in common (because the moron just happened to hate everything I love) we were so compatible it was surprising, he felt like my best friend that I loved and adored. A hot best friend.

"As if! Bill's too old! It would be like Edward fighting a granddad! Easy peasy... there would be no need for vampire fights, he could just knock him over with his cane" I said almost doubling over in laughter. I really had no idea why we had to fight so much about something so stupid. I couldn't help but compare Chase to Josh. This was nothing like how Josh and I fought. This was joke fighting, Josh was kill the enemy fighting, this felt natural, as if I had been born to tease this stupid good looking boy. If only Josh was like this...

Wait. WHAT?!

Oh hell no. I've been in too much sun! I need shade like now before it seriously fucks up my brain cells and I start thinking of Josh again.

"Well exccuuuuuuuuuussee me for trying to protect my health! Vampires need canes too you know! And oh please! It would be just like fighting my inferior bratty teenage grandson. No threat at all. I'll give him a kitten to drink. That will cheer the pussy up" Chase barked.

I glared at him and poked him in the ribs.

"You leave him alone! He's being a good boy unlike you who feed off innocent humans! At least Edward has good morals. Bill's a soulless monster!" I said and then cocked my head to the side confused "And since when did YOU become Bill anyway?" I asked referring how he was talking about Bill in first person.

"Since I decided to be. And HA! You think feeding off animals is good morals? Honey, you are what you are! If you're a vegetarian you eat veggies right? If you're a dog you eat dog food right? If you're a bird you eat worms right? So wouldn't that mean if you're a vampire you drink HUMAN blood RIGHT? Since when was it okay to go against the norm of what you are? And since when did you SPARKLE in the sunlight? That just adds up to how much of a pussy he is. The pussy sparkles which proves he's gay and whipped for a guy"

"HE IS NOT GAY!" I exclaimed astonished.

"Yes he is. Just look at that Bella girl Damn I have more feminine features than her, and my boobs are bigger!"

I stared at him completely shocked. And then I couldn't help it. I exploded with laughter. The way he was making such a big deal out of this was too funny! And he was totally right about Bella by the way. I just didn't want to admit he was right.

"I... think... You have the... hots for... Edward... And that's... why you're just in... denial!" I said through my fits of laughter and patted his hand on my shoulder to comfort him with his secret crush.

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